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This Week In Techdirt History: October 29th – November 4th

5 Years In the past

This week in 2012, the UN’s ITU was attempting to butt in on patent points regardless of nobody wanting that, whereas CNN was making the all-too-common mistake of equating patents with innovation. Each the MPAA and Megaupload have been attempting to get in on the struggle over what would happen to users’ files, whereas the DOJ was attempting to verify nobody took too close a look at its activities in the case. This was additionally the week that George Lucas shocked everybody by selling Star Wars and all of Lucasfilm’s other properties to Disney.

Ten Years In the past

This week in 2007, following the shutdown of OiNK, Trent Reznor stepped as much as explain why the file sharing network had been cool, whereas TorrentFreak was holding observe of the many new sites popping up in its wake and demonstrating the pointlessness of the shutdown. In the meantime, the EFF was pushing film studios to begin respecting fair use in their “guidelines” for fan creations, and publishing movies that demonstrated honest use but additionally underlined how hard it is to determine — although maybe they might have been helpful for Fox because it went after Republican presidential candidates for posting debate footage on-line.

Fifteen Years In the past

This week in 2002, we took a have a look at how DRM for music CDs was just a plain ol’ bad idea, and one other at how growing nations ought to keep away from sturdy copyright for (amongst different causes) the sake of fair use. DVD burners had lastly dropped sufficient in value that Hollywood was freaking out about them, whereas then RIAA-boss was flummoxed to lose an Oxford Debate about file sharing by being apparently shocked that file-sharers within the viewers additionally purchased extra music.

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