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Woman demands free bottle of wine from Tesco

A girl is demanding a complimentary bottle of wine from Tesco after she was forbidden from shopping for alcohol for her daughter.

Woman unable to buy wine

Lady unable to purchase wine

Catherine O’Callaghan, 47, went into the grocery store in Halifax together with her daughter Niamh however when she went to pay, the cashier refused to serve her as her 17-year-old baby did not have any ID, the Metro has reported.

And the mom has since taken to social media to open up concerning the incident.

She mentioned: ”I simply left my buying on the until and took my 4 baggage for all times with me. I needed to abandon the entire store.

”So, what are they saying, I can not purchase alcohol simply because I am with a 17-year-old? It simply does not make sense to ban mother and father simply because they’re with a baby.

”They supplied me an apology however it simply wasn’t adequate. If my daughter was ‘dressed up’ and I used to be getting alcopops I would perceive it, however it was a bottle of rosé with a full store.”

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