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Beautiful New PS4 Game Isn’t Very Fun To Play


Yesterday, at Sony’s glitzy Paris Video games Present presentation, a pastel, nonviolent sport about being a human-dragon hybrid stunned viewers with its same-day announcement and launch. Presenters’ comparisons to the revered titles Abzu and Journey added to its branding as a chill, atmospheric sport with a number of model (and a bit thriller). I’m an optimistic one that loves atmospheric video games, so once I received house after work yesterday, I shelled out $20 and downloaded Oure. I don’t wish to be ungenerous, however what I discovered from my two hours with it is that two issues can swiftly foil a sport’s “atmospheric” vibe: item-collection mania and poor consideration to element.

The story, ostensibly, is that this human little one, boy or lady, was by some means born with particular historic dragon powers. We study that, up to now, she had desires a few massive, sprawling cloudscape and, additionally, is within the historical past of titans, the mythological creatures that after protected the world. Early on within the sport, we meet her as her mother and father coerce her by means of some glowing doorway into that cloudscape, which, this time, appears actual. There, she should carry out duties to assist settle down titans—sure, those self same titans we heard about—who’re apparently not doing so sizzling. The story unravels in suits and begins, typically telling and never displaying with disjointed voice traces and plenty of foolish cliches.


Oure’s gameplay is accumulating orbs, shimmying by means of lit up goalposts and fixing minor puzzles. Quite a bit time is spent managing the dragon’s stamina, which is depleted by flying an excessive amount of and restored by swimming by means of clouds. The participant is aware of the place to go by forming a circle with their dragon physique, lighting up necessary spots and, sure, extra orbs. Each ten or so orbs traded in, the participant can climb some spire stairs and summon a titan. Every titan has a set quantity of straightforward puzzles to unravel till the child is again to accumulating orbs and hitting milestones.

I can inform you the precise second once I knew Oure was not working for me. I used to be a flying dragon and round me had been glowing, floating orbs amid the clouds. Fairly typical online game stuff. I ought to have felt tranquility, weaving by means of clouds with a protracted dragon physique, however as a substitute, I needed to monitor down orbs. Racing towards one, I collected it. Then, textual content popped up on the underside of the display. It learn, “1/750 discovered.” Wow, I assumed. This instantly feels much less chill. Including to that sense of uneasiness had been moments the place Oure’s repetitive gameplay or bizarre writing jarred me out of its world, generally making me giggle within the course of.

Oure performs quite a bit like a prototype. Scene transitions are jerky or utterly nonexistent. White screens or abrupt jumps within the character’s pose mark a number of these transitions. Additionally, once I play because the little one, her mechanics don’t fairly really feel hammered out. Her leaping and strolling actions really feel unhealthy and careless, each showing overly mechanical and bizarre. She will be able to’t climb stairs. All of this is likely to be wonderful—and if I’m being beneficiant, resemble a much less polished Abzu—with out the extraordinary deal with buying a number of orbs and hitting milestones. However a number of different issues tore me out of the fantasy of the sport: typos (“hilight locations,” “It seems to be totally different to my books,” “Take motion to have an effect on change”), not having the ability to see orbs or locations with out curling right into a circle and the sport’s unsophisticated storytelling.


Oure evokes a variety of questions—one thing I do search for in additional atmospheric video games. “What occurs if I soar off this tall platform as a human?” and “Why are the titans upset?” With out actually incomes my respect, although, the sport’s issues dissolve that sense of marvel. As a substitute of asking big-picture questions in regards to the world or its characters, I discovered myself stumbling over much less fascinating, extra moment-to-moment questions like, “Did anybody copy-edit this?” and “What the hell form of mother and father are these?”

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