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Snapchat has a hidden Halloween easter egg

In case you hadn’t seen, it is Halloween. And, Snapchat has gone and planted a spooky-ass Easter egg in its snap maps function. 

Go into the Snapchat app, open the digital camera and pinch to entry your snap map. You may discover that the map has turned black and orange for Halloween. 

Picture: rachel thompson / mashable

And, should you zoom out, you will discover that map’s seas and oceans have turned a slightly creepy shade of flaming orange.

Picture: rachel thompson / mashable

For those who’re unfamiliar with snap map’s standard aesthetic, it seems very completely different to this short-term Halloween look. Snap map normally follows the standard inexperienced and blue map color scheme. Whenever you zoom in, streets normally seem gray and white. 

Picture: rachel thompson / mashable 

The map’s color scheme is not the one Halloween change you will see.  

Your Actionmoji (which is what you see when your Bitmoji is in motion) would possibly take the type of a zombie, cauldron stirrer, or trick-or-treater on the map. You’ll be able to edit your Bitmoji’s outfit to make it put on a elaborate Halloween costume. 

Picture: rachel thompson / mashable 

Comfortable Halloween!

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