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I Don’t Believe in Ghosts But I Want to Believe in the Haunted Toaster

Don’t you hate everytime you’re merely trying to make breakfast and your toaster burns the phrases “Satan lives” into your bread? June O’Brien, who appeared on the Within the current day Current in Would possibly of 1984, wanted the world to contemplate. And even while you’re a skeptic, it’s arduous to disagree with the reality that not solely is that this haunted toaster the precise spooky gadget, the lady who owned it’s moderately convincing.

The Within the current day Current part first went viral in 2012 all through the lead as a lot because the Mayan Apocalypse scare (don’t forget that bullshit?), nonetheless the video is a timeless artifact of gadget spookery. What most amazes me is that O’Brien on no account seems to interrupt. By which I indicate she really sells the idea that she believes this issue is haunted.

I don’t think about in ghosts. Nevertheless I really want to think about inside the haunted toaster. Not on account of I really feel the devil actually inhabited the issue. Nevertheless on account of this lady really, really seems to contemplate it.

What do you suppose is happening proper right here? Did some member of the household scrape “Satan lives?” into her toast? Did any individual rig the issue with flames with out her info? Or was O’Brien in on the prank the entire time? I don’t should think about that the toaster was haunted (it clearly wasn’t) nonetheless I really want to think about that she believed. It seems like such a additional innocent “fake info” notion in distinction with the depressing shit we’re confronted with proper this second.

O’Brien tells the producers, one amongst which was Richard Dominick who would go on to work for the Jerry Springer Current, that the spooky toaster talks and looks like Eli Wallach, a persona actor from the 20th century who died in 2014.

You probably can watch the entire part (full with completely different weird tabloid tales) over on YouTube. What’s your take? Did Ms. O’Brien persuade you? Are you an actual haunted toaster believer now?

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