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This Week In Techdirt History: October 8th – 14th

5 Years In the past

This week in 2012, whereas Hollywood was wining and eating New Zealand politicians to help get their copyright demands into the TPP, the equally unhealthy provisions from the lifeless ACTA have been unsurprisingly appearing in CETA. The RIAA was persevering with to share bogus math, this time about the supposed decline in musicians, Microsoft was caught sending an especially amusing takedown to Google over a link to… Bing, and copyright maximalists have been celebrating the settlement in the Google Books/Authors Guild lawsuit, at the same time as one other choose was ruling that book scanning is obviously fair use.

Ten Years In the past

This week in 2007, there was a sea change as increasingly artists started to understand that they might try different business models as an alternative of counting on document labels, with bands rushing to embrace free distribution and even some high-profile artists like Madonna taking control of their own business. However for probably the most half, the recording trade was nonetheless trying the same old things, and making extremely weak makes an attempt to compete with folks like iTunes. Possibly basing your enterprise on copy safety was not such a great idea.

Fifteen Years In the past

This week in 2002, as the way forward for webcasting was unclear at best, Silicon Valley was applauding the rising efforts to fight back against Hollywood, even because the copyright battle was heating up due to issues like broadband fearmongering and a brand new lawsuit in opposition to from some big names in music — or, most significantly, the start of the Eldred vs. Ashcroft case before the Supreme Court (which might sadly go on to uphold the constitutionality of the 1998 copyright extension.)

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