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How Many Burpees Can You Do Before You Want to Die?

As we speak is World Burpee Day, and although we’re fairly positive that is only a advertising stunt, we’re curious: what’s your relationship with the dreaded burpee? What number of are you able to do? What number of do you need to do, if that quantity is just not zero?

Personally, I can do ten. I did them simply now, the type with a push-up on the backside and a leap on the prime. On the tenth rep, my legs stated no extra, so I took a break. I’ll by no means return. Burpees are exhausting.

To be clear, there are a lot of methods to do burpees, and plenty of arguments available over which is the “proper” manner. Right here is without doubt one of the extra frequent variations:

  1. Get down right into a plank place.
  2. Do a push-up (optionally available?)
  3. Rise up.
  4. Bounce!

Repeat this till you are feeling such as you wish to die. When my children are being rambunctious, I’ll generally inform them to do burpees to burn off power. There, the instruction is “put your stomach on the ground, then leap within the air.” After a number of of these, they’re too out of breath to whine.

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