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Our top 5 ‘Last Jedi’ burning questions are all about Rey

“Who’s Rey?” is a query Star Wars followers began asking one another after The Drive Awakens in 2015. Since then, we have been assuming that the query is synonymous with “who’re her dad and mom?”

However within the wake of final evening’s surprising full trailer for The Final Jedi, which ended with the mic drop of Darkish Facet devotee Kylo Ren providing his hand to Rey, we’re placing a barely completely different solid on this important query. 

It is not “who’s Rey” within the sense of the place is she from; Final Jedi director Rian Johnson has been signaling that the answer to that question is not as important as you think. Skywalkers, Solos and Kenobis be damned: this film is not concerning the significance of heritage or bloodlines. (That sound you simply heard was all of 2017, a 12 months of charged political debates on this area, respiratory a sigh of aid.) 

It is “who’s Rey” within the sense of: what is that this woke up Drive-sensitive lady with severe quantities of uncooked energy able to doing?

“One thing inside me has at all times been there,” Rey says within the trailer. “Then I used to be awake — and I need assistance.” Kylo Ren appears simply as ready to offer her that assist as Luke Skywalker is not. 


When you assume — as many followers are doing — that each different line within the trailer is spoken to Rey, some darkish and disturbing prospects about this orphan lady from Jakku begin to emerge. Let’s break it down into 5 sub-queries:

1. Why is Luke afraid of Rey?

Hey Luke: Fear leads to anger, remember?

Hey Luke: Concern results in anger, bear in mind?

You may see it within the previous Jedi hermit’s eyes all through the trailer: Concern. 

Handed his decades-old lightsaber by the younger lady who discovered his hidden planet, Luke Skywalker appears not within the slightest bit relieved or nostalgic; reasonably, he is significantly disturbed. When she cracks the bottom in entrance of him and makes pebbles fill the air, he’s agog — and never in a great way. 

“I’ve seen this uncooked power as soon as earlier than,” Luke says, wide-eyed. “It did not scare me sufficient then. It does now.”

Properly now. What would make a clever previous Jedi cognizant of Yoda’s recommendation concerning the Darkish Facet — “concern results in anger, anger results in hate” — give in to sheer emotional terror? 

Casting one other look of terror in a cave someplace she additionally seems — so once more, presumably casting it her means — he provides: “This isn’t going to finish the best way you assume.” 

The viewers is duly warned. 

2. Did Snoke ‘discover’ Rey?

Those eyebrows are seriously Trump-ish.

These eyebrows are significantly Trump-ish.

The trailer’s first quote, from Supreme Chief Snoke (Andy Serkis), performs over an image of Kylo Ren in a hangar. Naturally, we assume these phrases are spoken concerning the topic on display screen.

What Snoke says is: “When I discovered you, I noticed RAW, UNTAMED POWER! And past that … one thing particular.” (Emphasis very a lot his.) 

However what if that mixture of phrases and pictures is the magician’s misdirection, like loads of issues on this trailer? What if Snoke is talking these phrases to Rey when he meets her, as we now know he does? (He does not appear prone to converse them to emo adolescent mess Kylo Ren). What if he “discovered” her, no matter which means?

Properly then, as certainly as Luke’s parental discovery in Empire Strikes Again modified every thing within the unique trilogy, the best way we have a look at your entire sequel trilogy is remodeled.

All of the sudden Rey turns into a pawn in a plan concocted by the Darkish Facet, a pawn struggling to withstand her programming. 

All of the sudden it turns into clear why she was deserted on the desert planet of Jakku — not as a result of her dad and mom or caregivers wished to maintain her protected from some energy searching her, however as a result of they wished to maintain her away from them.

three. Did Rey destroy the Jedi Academy?

Out from the wreckage ... robot hand!

Out from the wreckage … robotic hand!

All alongside we have been assuming Kylo Ren was chargeable for the destruction of Luke’s Jedi faculty. However why? 

Within the kinda-sorta-flashback referred to as Rey’s Drive imaginative and prescient, when she touches Luke’s lightsaber in Maz Kanata’s fortress, we see pictures of Kylo and the Knights of Ren, lightsabers drawn, surrounded by our bodies. A bloodbath has occurred. 

We additionally see Luke and R2-D2 trying dejectedly at a burned constructing. 

However if you happen to watch carefully, these two pictures usually are not from the identical occasion (one takes place in a Blade Runner-like stage of rain, the opposite is dry with fiery sparks; in her imaginative and prescient the 2 scenes merge for a second, however are clearly distinct).

So it is one other case of misdirection. Is it potential, then, that Rey — a younger woman who did not know she was Snoke’s pawn — destroyed Luke’s makes an attempt to lift a brand new era of Jedi, in a fireball of Drive energy past her management?

What if she’s the magical area fantasy equal of a ticking time bomb?

That would definitely give Luke a cause to concern her “uncooked energy” — and remorse not doing so on their earlier assembly. And it might even be a superb cause for even the saintliest man within the galaxy to dump Rey on Jakku.

four. What’s going to Rey discover in these books?

Everyone loves a Little Free Library.

Everybody loves a Little Free Library.

Once more, because the teaser trailer did, the total Final Jedi trailer pointed to a small shelf of books in a cave on Luke’s planet. Solely this time, Rey is trying straight at them with a lot curiosity. 

Historic books on Ahch-to, the planet with the primary Jedi temple: this will or is probably not the legendary Journal of the Whills, a nerdy identify that is been hanging across the edges of Star Wars canon for many years. However no matter they’re known as, they comprise important — maybe forbidden — data.

Info is energy. The Darkish Facet seeks energy. If Rey is an unwitting instrument of the Darkish Facet, this specific library could remorse giving her a lending card.

5. What’s going to her ‘uncooked, untamed energy’ do subsequent?

Okay, spoiler alert: this is not a darkish, gritty reboot of Star Wars. It is nonetheless a child’s film. It is from a Disney subsidiary. Rey is a hero to tens of millions of youngsters all over the world. She’s not going to buddy as much as Snoke, flip to the Darkish Facet, slaughter her associates, destroy the Resistance and find yourself in a black cape and masks — a lot as we would like to see a Woman Vader.

However the map of the remainder of the trilogy may nicely be her resisting the lure of the Darkish Facet, a lot as Luke needed to do in Return of the Jedi. If the sequel trilogy echoes the unique, the query of whether or not she will resist the plan a strong evil previous man put in place for her will dominate Episode IX. 5a82 a985%2fthumb%2f00001

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