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Discovery, Burnham Is Torn Between the Two Tenets of Starfleet

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Captain Lorca doesn’t have plenty of dimension, nevertheless it seems that’s a very good factor. Lorca is finest when he’s merely an archetype of a sure set of militaristic beliefs, set in opposition to scientist Stamets, who’s dedicated to the pursuit of data solely. And naturally, Burnham’s journey is about attempting to navigate a path between them.

This episode was cut up between the goings on of the Discovery and of the stays of T’Kuvma’s followers from the primary two episodes. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to debate all of the Discovery bits collectively and all of the Klingons bits collectively, although they alternated time onscreen.


There’s much less to delve into right here, so we’ll be fast. We be a part of Voq, the albino Klingon that T’Kuvma made the Torchbearer within the premiere, and discover out that after the massive battle, the Klingons left T’Kuvma’s ship to only… drift on the market. Due to this fact, T’Kuvma’s home is operating out of meals and is attempting to salvage elements from the ships left behind to restore their ship. L’Rell, one other Klingon, tells Voq that they want a dilithium processor and that there’s one on the stays of the Shenzhou.

Voq thinks that’s blasphemy, since melding Klingon know-how with Starfleet tech can be akin to the gross melding of beings that the Federation represents, and T’Kuvma’s teachings are all about resisting “assimilation,” which is an fascinating phrase selection. “Assimilation” has extra damaging connotations in Star Trek’s universe than maybe every other, because it’s the phrase the Borg use to explain how they soak up entire worlds into their very own, eliminating all individuality and free will.

L’Rell explains that her dad and mom have been from two totally different homes. Her father shared T’Kuvma’s home, whereas her mom was from the home of “Mokai, the watcher clan, the deceivers, weavers of lies.” She selected to “construct a bridge” between the 2 homes, slightly than select only one. She’s content material to not be the chief, as a result of she will be able to act within the shadows to help Voq. This, the present virtually screams, is foreshadowing.

One other Klingon arrives—the one from the premiere who spoke so dismissively of T’Kuvma—saying he’s contrite. Voq lets him know in regards to the provides he’s run low on. Then, Voq and L’Rell head to the Shenzhou to get the dilithium processor. Once they return to the ship, the Klingon that had apparently appeared to repent, has introduced meals and everybody on T’Kuvma’s ship with cloaking know-how has fallen in behind him. L’Rell seems to betray Voq, and suggests leaving him to die on the Shenzhou. However after all, she’s simply appearing within the shadows to help Voq. She tells him he must win the struggle to get everybody to comply with the teachings of T’Kuvma, and to do this she wants to satisfy with the matriarchs of her mom’s home, which can educate him issues he by no means imagined. She stole a raider to take him to them. However it is going to even have a price. What value? Unhelpfully and unspecifically, her reply to Voq is “every little thing.”

The Discovery

On the Discovery, Burnham has obtained a supply: a bequest from the late Captain Philippa Georgiou, which chimes again and again asking her to open it. Which she doesn’t, as a result of she feels ache, I assume.

Burnham can be summoned to the bridge, the place the Discovery is being hammered in a simulated battle in opposition to Klingons, a lot to the annoyance of Captain Lorca. He orders Saru to run the drill time and again, because the destruction of the Glenn signifies that the Discovery is the one ship with the spore-based drive left. As soon as it really works, the ship will be capable to leap anyplace, however it is going to leap alone, with none reinforcements, to battle Klingons. And Lorca is disgusted with how dangerous his crew is at combating.

Taking Burnham to the lab we noticed on the finish of the final episode, he laments being the “tip of the spear in a science vessel full of wide-eyed explorers.” He duties Burnham with determining how the creature that they took off the Glenn might stand up to bat’leths and phasers and tear Klingons aside. He pairs her together with his safety chief, Landry, to verify Burnham’s “curiosity” doesn’t get in the way in which of her job.

Burnham tells Landry that they will’t decide the creature primarily based on the one incident in its previous—a parallel to Burnham so big, it’s like being hit within the face with a two-by-four. “It will possibly solely be what it’s, not what you need it to be,” says Burnham. “Lorca isn’t all in favour of what you’re, he’s all in favour of what you are able to do for him. And if he wants us to make that factor helpful in his struggle effort, that’s what we’re going to do.”

In the meantime, Lorca additionally will get a name from Starfleet saying main dilithium mine is underneath assault from Klingons and its shields will fail in six hours. (Oh, dilithium, Star Trek’s marvel materials that can be non-replicable. I’ve so missed your home because the cross between a MacGuffin and a deus ex machina, all rolled into one. And it’s that in each the Starfleet and Klingon plots this week.) Solely the spore drive can get them assist in time. Lorca guarantees he’ll get there in time.

Stamets makes clear that that is inconceivable. They’d want a supercomputer to do a leap that nice and management the place they find yourself. Apparently, they will management the place they find yourself in small jumps, however doing navigation for lengthy jumps requires a supercomputer the Discovery doesn’t have. Additionally, the Glenn was destroyed when the ship hit a “Hawking radiation firewall,” which Stamets can keep away from, however he can’t replicate the enormous jumps the Glenn was doing. When Lorca asks if Stamets missed a supercomputer they have been utilizing, Stamets snarks, “Sir, being chased by a deadly monster in a dying entice is distracting, however, no, I might have observed an additional supercomputer. That’s simply me.”

See? Saru thinks it’s humorous

Lorca pushes for a leap anyway, which practically places the Discovery in a star, and causes my completely favourite second of the episode:

This isn’t presupposed to be humorous, it’s a severe damage. However I really like Anthony Rapp’s expression a lot.

Stamets and Lorca have a battle in the midst of medical, the place Stamets opines that the frontal lobe is “overrated. It solely comprises reminiscence and emotional expression. It’s utterly pointless.” Physician Culber (Wilson Cruz) shoots again, “Nicely, I’ll put it aside. Simply in case you may wish to have a sense at some point.” As soon as once more, I’m embarrassed by how simply received over I’m by snark.

Lorca says they should get to the colony. Stamets says he warned him, that point is a vital think about good science. Lorca says they’re not a science vessel anymore, and that if Stamets doesn’t wish to be a soldier, he ought to get off. And that every one his work will keep behind, the property of Starfleet. After Stamets storms out, Lorca performs the cries for assist from the mining colony not only for Stamets, however over the ship-wide PA.

Proper earlier than the leap, Burnham famous that the creature’s mind lights up. Burnham’s discovered the factor is principally an enormous tardigrade, which we at io9 famous in our very own livestream last week. Burnham’s analysis is just too gradual for Landry, so she decides to hurry it up by chopping off a claw, impressed by the transmission of the dying folks on the colony Lorca simply performed. The sedation fails, Landry is killed by the creature in self-defense, and Landry has been such a “ends justify the means” dick about every little thing, it’s truly arduous to mourn her correctly.

The creature has, it seems, a symbiotic relationship with the the spores and it could navigate the mycological branches for the Discovery. That’s what the Glenn was experimenting with. The Discovery jumps to the mining colony and is in a position to put it aside. After, Burnham is ready to get the energy to open the reward from Georgiou, who says she is as happy with Burnham as if she have been her daughter, and that she’s leaving her one thing she hopes will assist information Burnham to look at the mysteries of the universe “inside and outside”: a telescope.

I do know it’s a telescope as a result of it’s been helpfully labeled by Starfleet

Stamets and Lorca are clearly representing totally different extremes. Lorca is all navy, on a regular basis. He cares about outcomes, not the journey. But, he’s nonetheless charismatic and he is aware of how one can play to folks’s emotion. For instance: the trick with the PA, which principally makes Stamets appear to be the dangerous man, when Lorca is the one attempting to hurry issues that may’t be rushed.

Stamets is what we might extra generally affiliate with Starfleet. He’s a scientist who joined for the “marvel” of exploration. However he’s additionally extra cautious and fewer in a position to give the stirring speeches of, Kirk, Picard, and even Lorca. He’s prickly and sarcastic. Lorca’s a greater chief, however Stamets may be the higher man.

Each are principally extremists in their very own method, and we all know Stamets’ backstory. There’s no trauma there, he’s merely a scientist impressed by the grandeur of the universe. Lorca, I hope, might be equally only a man who believes in protection above all else. I don’t wish to find out about no matter horrible calamity gave him this outlet. It really works higher that he merely represents protection above all else, a extra affordable outlook throughout a struggle than usually. Whereas what Stamets stands for is extra affordable in peacetime, and jettisoning marvel and exploration within the face of struggle appears like an inexpensive place. Except, after all, you win the struggle however lose the factor that made it value profitable.

Burnham is being courted by either side of this battle. She’s manipulative, like Lorca. On this episode, she calls Saru all the way down to “apologize,” however what she actually desires is to see how his “menace ganglia” reply to the tardigrade. He finds her lack of sincerity and her use of him for her personal ends gross, and flat out says she’s a very good match for Lorca.

However she’s additionally a scientist, and refuses to look at the tardigrade with the lens Lorca desires. The telescope left by Georgiou is a reminder about seeking to the celebs for inspiration, not only for what they will do or what they actually are. And she or he says she’s “sorry” to the tardigrade for what it’s been put by way of.

In fact, the main downside is that Burnham nonetheless isn’t fairly established sufficient as a personality for me to care about this journey. I don’t truly see her battling the center path or any path. She’s unhappy about Georgiou, however she’s nonetheless a dick to Saru. I don’t know what her character is and the present nonetheless tells us issues, slightly than saying them. Landry and Georgiou say that she is “curiosity” however that’s an knowledgeable evaluation, not one we’ve seen constructed. Principally, plainly each different character has only one setting (Lorca: struggle, Stamets: science, Saru: worry, Tilly: talkative) and Burnham has too many (gung-ho, do what it takes, emotional, intestine intuition, smarter, quieter, scientific technique, consider all issues).

Assorted Musings:

  • Stamets saying that he’s all the time wished to speak to his mushrooms after they see the tardigrade communing with them is my favourite factor within the episode.
  • Having the Klingons speak about consuming Georgiou does nothing to counter the accusations that Discovery portrays Klingons utilizing probably the most reviled of tropes about “savages” and “outsiders.” Tropes historically ascribed by white explorers to the cultures they encountered, to justify the way in which they’d find yourself treating them.
  • I laughed out loud at the concept the one names Lorca might provide you with, for your complete historical past of flight on Earth, have been the Wright Brothers, Zephram Cochrane, and Elon Musk.
  • Additionally, we all know Stamets isn’t going to hitch their ranks, as a result of he’s by no means talked about within the different exhibits.
  • Once in a while, the way in which folks say “Saru” sounds a lot like “Sulu” and it throws me for a second.
  • Opposite to every little thing I’ve mentioned on this recap, it seems that subsequent week the Klingons seize Lorca and we’ll get handled to some deep evaluation of his character. I’m not wanting ahead to it.
  • Does… the mining colony simply should marvel what occurred ceaselessly?

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