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‘Simpsons’ writer reveals an alternate, cut plot line for Lionel Hutz

In an alternate actuality, The Simpsons’ Lionel Hutz would’ve had his very personal scene in one of many sequence’ finest episodes. Besides he acquired minimize.

Our favorite tv lawyer (sorry Jack McCoy, Ally McBeal, et al) performed by the late Phil Hartman, would’ve made an look in “22 Brief Movies About Springfield” — if the present’s writers stored it on the second draft, which had 20 tales.

That is in response to a script posted by one of many present’s writers, Josh Weinstein, by way of Twitter on Sunday. 

The script would’ve had Hutz hitting on Maude Flanders and Mrs. Bouvier (Marge’s mom), who grow to be within the jury room whereas within the midst of a trial.

Whereas solely a draft, it does not sound prefer it’d maintain a candle to the crisp comedy of the “Skinner and the Superintendent” scene, which is arguably one of many present’s best items of writing.

Weinstein has been posting excerpts of minimize drafts from The Simpsons on Twitter lately. 

Seems Maggie’s second canonical phrase would’ve been spaghetti (the primary, for these enjoying at dwelling, is “daddy”.)

And that Principal Skinner would’ve had two brothers, which in a super world, would have stopped the creation of that reasonably terrible Armin Tamzarian episode.

(h/t Junkee)

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