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Nintendo fans bid farewell to the Miiverse in hilarious and touching ways

Since Nintendo’s societal gambling hub, the Miiverse, comes to its ending, Nintendo opened up a special board for community members to bid farewell to this Miiverse. The messages and drawings that they shared are humorous, remarkable, and so touching.

The Miiverse has already been home to hundreds of drawings, discreet messages, advice, and jokes out of Wii U and 3DS owners because 2012, but what will be gone if it closes at a month. Countless tributes are posted to the distinctive Everybody’s Message neighborhood board, such as exquisite drawings, heartfelt messages, and amusing (and sometimes unrelated) farewells.

Listed below are a few of the top posts from the board thus far.

For many, the Miiverse was somewhere to fulfill new people, talk with friends, and practice drawing at a largely supportive atmosphere.  

The lovely

Some folks just enjoy sharing their art onto the Miiverse, and utilized those skills they designed to bidding farewell to their fellow community members.

The humorous

Some individuals were either not big fans of their Miiverse, were not so bummed that they could not make a joke, or simply did not really grasp the idea of the goodbye board.

Pour one out to your Miiverse.

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