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How to hold private companies accountable for data breaches

Another day, yet another information breach.

That could definitely be an apt catch term for 2017, together with important, high profile hacks or breaches coming with disturbing regularity. Equifax and HBO were all struck hard, along with also the WannaCry ransomware crippled infrastructure around the world. Even Instagram was not spared.

With each violation, another extend is generally discovered: It was preventable. If just the people in control had spent more in cybersecurity, or upgraded their systems, or just were not incompetent, then the hack never would have occurred. Yet those very same individuals frequently face little if any direct consequences.

Many people today want to change this. One of these is Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of CompTIA, a tech institution that promotes standards and helps direct the IT business. Thibodeaux believes, when it has to do with inadequate network security, liability for private businesses needs to take place at the maximum level: the board of supervisors.

Mixing the MashTalk podcast, Thibodeaux goes into detail how this approach would operate and shares his ideas on why it seems just like breaches and hacking — particularly ransomware — have obtained a sharp increase. In addition, he requires a moment to describe that there really is a framework for cybersecurity standards that any firm can utilize, but obviously not nearly enough do.

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