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‘Honest Trailers’ creator Andy Signore suspended after sexual harassment accusations

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an influential member of the movie community was accused of sexual harassment, together with reports by numerous girls pointing into a constant pattern of behaviour which, until lately, was swept under the carpet.

No, we are not referring to Hadrian Belove, or Devin Faraci, or even Harry Knowles, or Harvey Weinstein. Nowadays, it’s Andy Signore, founder of the most popular Honest Trailers show on the Screen Junkies YouTube channel.

Defy Media, which possesses Screen Junkies, issued a statement today announcing Signore’s suspension.

Emma Bowers, who describes himself as a former intern in ScreenJunkies, was the first to talk about her experiences with Signore.  

Bowers especially referenced the Weinstein exposé in describing why she would choose to discuss her story publicly. “I attempted to proceed, but that adventure killed my urge to enter costume style,” she wrote on Facebook. “It is not only Weinstein.”  

Within hours, a second girl, recognized by TheWrap as April O’Donnell, had come forward with her very own personal account.

I understand many have questions concerning what occurred to me personally seeing Andy, here is a more comprehensive overview of what I have been moving through.

According to O’Donnell, Signore not just harassed her but threatened to have her boyfriend, Joshua Tapia, fired from Screen Junkies.  

Tapia revealed his support for O’Donnell using his own announcement on Twitter.

The two Tapia and O’Donnell state that reporting Signore’s behaviour to Defy Media’s human resources division led to inaction. That is something of a running motif in the responses from those who have coped with Signore.

Back in July I predicted DEFY’s HR and gave them the names of witnesses and women who agreed to Speak to them about Andy

they never contacted the extra witnesses which also contained 2 male manufacturers. They had a thorough collection of picture examples.

They advised among those girls They had “Defy’s best interest in mind” that’s literally what they advised her regarding her sexual attack

I’m tired of seeing Andy Signore eliminate this shit. To the girls coming forward with allegations of abuse, you have our service.

— Zac in Hyper_RPG (@arentweclever) October 6, 2017

The articles above are only the start. A lot of other girls have because offered up their own stories about Signore, some with accompanying screenshots. (O’Connell’s Twitter feed is a great starting point for people who would prefer to hear more.)

Though Defy Media’s HR department might have been aware of the allegations from Signore, it appears many of his coworkers weren’t. A number of these voiced shock at the revelations.

I’ve been driving all morning… I’m really, therefore profoundly heartbroken, stunned and sad now.

— Roth Candy Corn-et (@RothCornet) October 6, 2017

Among the most depressing things about all of this is the way unsurprising it seems. By today, we understand the beats by heart.  

In every instance, these guys — Signore, Weinstein, Knowles, Faraci, Belove — came to prominence while harassing and attacking the girls around them. In every instance, at least a few of the girls tried to talk up in some manner, simply to be disregarded or cajoled or bullied or bought in to silence. In every instance, these guys were enabled by other people within the neighborhood who would have stepped in, but rather chose to turn a blind eye.

If there is a ray of hope in all of this, however, perhaps it’s this: Every revelation empowers more girls to speak out against their perpetrators, since every revelation acts as a reminder that these guys aren’t invincible. And every revelation makes it clearer that these episodes are not occurring in isolation — they are symptoms of orderly issues plaguing the whole community.

Time will tell if the movie community reacts with actual change, or just gnashes its teeth till it could return to doing nothing. However, if acknowledging an issue is step one, every bombshell makes it harder and more difficult to dismiss the fact that there’s one.

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