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Explore Philip K. Dick’s crazy futures in ‘Electric Dreams’ trailer

It is being executive produced by Ronald D Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame (recall the precog-like Cylon navigators?) . Moore also helped accommodate a number of those short stories which will form the foundation for every incident.

The trailer starts off with attribute Phillip K Dick opinion – we believe “we understand everything, down to the atoms and molecules of presence, but here” — in those tales — “there will always be puzzle” What follows is a fast cut of that which we presume are shots in the series: Anna Paquin tapping her temple to initiate a VR mental holiday, Terrence Howard dropping and gradually regaining his missing memories, and Steve Buscemi chewing the scenery as he readies to get a ship experience. We see sci-fi and singer aficionado Janelle Monae looking like any kind of android, Greg Kinnear as a menacing, possibly replaced, dad and Bryan Cranston as a guy who returns to his spouse as something “different.”

It is difficult not to compare this to Black Mirror, yet another gloomy, socially-aware science fiction anthology series created by the BBC. However, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams may outdo its latest progenitor, what with all the all-star cast and production team behind it, and of course that the writer’s writings anchoring every single entry. It is too bad we are going to have to wait until the next year to see as Amazon has just given the obscure “2018” launch date so far.

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