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Disqus reveals it suffered a security breach in 2012

Based on Disqus, it heard of the flow Thursday evening following Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned educated acquired a copy of the website’s data and advised the provider. Within about 24 hours, it’s revealed the breach, began to contact consumers and forced password resets for accounts that were affected.

Over the previous day, Hunt has also additional databases for breaches out of and Kickstarter to his website, and he says he’s three more to go. HIBP is a totally free service which gathers the databases of accounts data stolen by hackers and also will tell you whether your information is one of those influenced — registering is likely a fantastic idea.

If you have an account with a few of those services which were pwned, then apart from needing to reset your own password there, you may have a problem if a password has been shared across accounts on different sites. If you have reused a password elsewhere, then it is time to change it anywhere, which explains why a password manager (such as LastPass or even 1Password) to produce and manage specific keys is a fantastic concept, in addition to allowing two-factor authentication wherever you can.

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