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DC’s Young Animal — the strangest comics ever — just got even weirder

Gerard Way, of My Chemical Romance fame, began his Youthful Animal imprint only over one year ago.

You would not believe a punk rock cat-person, an alien possessing the body of a teenaged girl, a socialite vigilante who has a serious issue with nuns, along with a spelunking adventurer who is famed for fulfilling Superman that one time may steal people’s hearts, however they’ve.

And today these four novels will join with the bigger DC Universe in a large way.

(No, I am not kidding.)

Everything begins in January together with all the JLA/Doom Patrol Special, composed by Steve Orlando and Gerard Way.

All Way provided in reaction was, “Milk Wars in 1 sentence.”  

That is pretty much par for the course using those novels. They constantly do the very last thing you would expect, and then make you laugh as you are exercising why you suddenly feel somewhat uneasy.

Orlando explained that Way and he are “discovering new guidelines to split,” and it sure seems that way. He teased forthcoming shows from the Young Animal novels that nobody understands about quite yet, also explained the crossover among the most bizarre and most inventive things that has ever come from DC Comics.  

This Milk Wars narrative is going to be put up at the Doom Patrol show that performer Nick Derington Way produces with Way. Derington explained that the forthcoming issues will greatly involve a character called Lucius Reynolds — a 14-year-old “metalhead” with a penchant for magic.

But if you are a fan of another Doom Patrol personalities, do not worry. Derington assured everybody that “they all have cool shit to do,” and “each problem coming out has mad surprises.”

One of these will be Eternity Girl, composed by Magdalene Visaggio with artwork by Sonny Liew. The book is about an immortal being called Caroline Sharp who is not quite a concrete thing and is combating depression. She has offered an opportunity to destroy the world by the phantom of her arch nemesis, and jumps at the deal.

seems suspicious for certain, but that’s what makes Young Animal really intriguing. These founders are more daring to do things that nobody else is, if you are into it or not. They are actually earning their tagline — “Comics for hazardous individuals.”

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