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Amazon’s new iPhone dongle is now cheaper than Belkin’s

With Google’s recent decision to eliminate the 3.5millimeter jack on its own Pixel 2 devices, we are going to get to come back to terms with the reality that most phones in the future will not have a standard headphone port. That means purchasing dongles, and purchasing dongles means shelling out exorbitant rates for tiny pieces of vinyl simply to ensure that your gadgets work like they used to. Fortunately, Amazon’s Basics line includes a deal now that makes that marginally less debilitating for iPhone users, as pointed out by KinjaDeals.

The AmazonBasics Lighting into 3.5millimeter headphone jack adapter is only $30 right now, also it’s seems far more thoughtfully designed than the $35 one Apple sells from its official dongle partner Belkin. It is not a massive price gap, but also for the advantages of having what seems like a much better equipped piece of hardware — with all the extra assurance that it is coming from Amazon’s official consumer electronics manufacturer — it is likely worth eschewing Apple’s spouse and grabbing this dongle rather than

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