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This scratch-off map is the adult decoration for the kid at heart

Make a mark on your global travels.
Create a mark on your international travels.

If you caught the traveling bug years past or you have an impossible-to-shop-for wanderlust friend, this Scratch-Off Map

is the solution. Can you have one of the collectible quarter maps when the U.S. published all of the brand new state quarters back in the afternoon? That is similar to that, but really nothing similar to it, as it is way cooler.

First, there is the entire map in black or white measuring 17″ by 24″. Or, you may pick the platinum globe map, measuring 24″ by 36″ and comprising state outlines to the US, Australia, and Canada. As you journey, simply scrape your destination on the map to make a gorgeous visual record of your jet-setting experiences.  

Each map also includes flags which you could scratch off to notice states seen. Additionally, they are readily framable, so that they really make very great decoration for the living area, study, or bedroom.  

Whether you are looking around for a travel-loving friend or on your own, you can not conquer this totally out-of-the-box present. Pick from four World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Notifications from Landmass Goods — every is $23.99.

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