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Ross Kemp was ‘petrified’ in DRC

Ross Kemp has been “petrified” if he shot his ‘Extreme World’ documentary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 53-year old forensic journalist was to a number of the planet’s most dangerous nations through time, but he’s confessed nothing could have prepared him for his time at the African country, and it has stuck with him ever since.

Discussing during The Blend Sessions – kept in celebration of this new pop-up pub of the identical title in East London – Ross stated: “was into the DRC, which is among the most intense areas I have been in my entire life.

“If you visit these surroundings you will need to be certain they are they’re in exactly the identical condition once you left as you are not the Red Cross. I feel as the praise goes into the fixer, like I go there and depart later. You feel a duty to guarantee that the people that you’re working with are secure.”

The former ‘EastEnders’ star – who’s notorious for playing poor boy Grant Mitchell from the long-running soap – has confessed, though his work is frequently life threatening, he is addicted researching human beings and the way they “work on the planet.”

He clarified: “I have a natural fascination with human beings and the way they operate on the planet. I am considering the ways that relate people. Getting someone to tell you that their darkest secrets along with the strangest things which have occurred to them has fascinated me. When individuals are ready to speak, we must be ready to listen.”

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