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Mattel cancels kid-friendly smart speaker amid privacy concerns

Based on The Washington Post, two members of Congress delivered Mattel a letter last week asking to learn more about how Aristotle could shop and keep any information collected on kids. Mattel has already made assurances that any information gathered would be in compliance with COPPA and HIPAA, and might utilize encryption to transmit any action, such as a baby monitor video flow.

Pediatrician Jennifer Radesky has her own worries regarding the use of engineering in early growth. “My primary concern with this technology… is the concept that a bit of technology becomes the very responsive relative into a crying child, a kid who would like to understand, or a kid’s play thoughts,” she informed The Washington Post.

When contacted for comment, a Mattel spokesperson informed Engadget another: “Following our new CTO, Sven Gerjets joined the business in July, he conducted a comprehensive review of this Aristotle merchandise and determined that it didn’t fully align with Mattel’s new technologies plan. The choice was subsequently made to not bring Aristotle into the market as part of a continuing effort to supply the finest potential related product encounter to the customer.”

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