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Hulu’s next show pulls a gamer into the past to save the future

Even in the trailer, the series acknowledges The Last Starfighter-esque plot — also as Rogan and Goldberg from the helm (whose previous collaborations include Superbad, This is the End and Sausage Party), the comedy appears like it might be a slick send-up of pop culture time-travel. And given how much nostalgia Hulu is serving up to its viewers, ideally this self-evident series will be the perfect antidote.

Future Individual stars Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games as Josh Futterman, a player tasked with just two giants of their close future to kill a entrepreneurial scientist whose herpes therapy results in some planet-devastating war. Balking at mortal measures, Futterman convinces the potential soldiers to select plan B: Prevent the scientist by obtaining the illness from the initial position, seemingly by destroying his romantic life. Time-travel hijinks will most certainly ensue.

The entire 13-occasion series goes live on Hulu on November 14th.

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