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Facebook Messenger gets an Apple Music bot for full song streaming

Facebook now announced a brand new Apple Music integration for Messenger which permits you to stream complete tunes, a first for the societal network’s messaging support. Prior to this venture, you can build collaborative Spotify playlists within Messenger group chats and Facebook’s electronic AI helper M would likewise recommend songs via Spotify based the content of your conversations. Nevertheless you might not flow complete tunes, until now.

Currently, you can simply stream from inside Messenger provided that you are an Apple Music subscriber. If you are not a subscriber, you may still flow and discuss 30-second snippets. You get Apple Music by clicking on the “+” signal from a one time or set chat in Messenger on browsing and mobile around to the Apple Music extension. You could even interact using an Apple Music bot on both mobile and desktop by looking for this as a new contact on your friends list.

Facebook says sending an emoji into the bot will prompt it to indicate a brand new playlist based on the essence of this emoji. Obviously, I delivered the flame emoji and got back an “It is lit!” playlist. Sounds like it is working as intended.

Picture by Nick Statt / The Verge

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