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Elon Musk just fanboyed the science on ‘Rick and Morty’ and it got too real

Elon Musk in cartoon villain form
Elon Musk in cartoon villain type

Picture: grownup swim, rick and morty

What a beautiful day to hold out the meaningless of existence on this simulated actuality. The birds are chirping, solar is shinning, and there is solely a pair hundred glitches taking place within the Matrix proper now.

Oh, and Tony Stark-wannabe Elon Musk simply straight up fanboyed Rick and Morty on Twitter — till it acquired bizarre. Wubbalubbadubdub, to all my birdpeople in nice ache and begging for assist in between liquor-induced burps, amiright!?

The animated sci-fi comedy present is understood for stretching the extra philosophically distressing scientific theories to their absolute comedic restrict. The multiverse idea, for instance, is expanded (there is a science pun for ya) by the implementation of Rick’s portal gun, which permits him to pop into any infinite universe at any time — resulting in the genius premise of a complete citadel of Ricks and Mortys who’ve their very own tradition, system of governance, and sophistication disparity.

Then there’s the idea of singularity, which proposes that synthetic intelligence will surpass human functionality. Or how in regards to the one which mathematically proves that, in all probability, our world is a simulation.

As massive proponents of the utter agony, fallibility, and meaninglessness of human existence, each Rick and Morty and Tesla mogul Musk share a variety of the identical nihilistic philosophies. 

However the flirtation between the 2 turned social-media official when Musk tweeted on the present’s official web page that the current Season three finale, “was disgustingly good.” The great people of Grownup Swim’s responded in variety, referencing Musk’s staunch perception that humanity is doomed with an off-the-cuff, “Thanks, E. Simply driving this out till the singularity hits, you already know?”

Then shit acquired approach too actual.

By no means one to be outdone, Musk used these luxuriously lengthy 280 characters to remind us all how sensible he’s:

To their credit score, Rick and Morty stood its floor with the Twitter equal of a shit-eating grin. Musk remained characteristically … unbearable in response, although:

Welp, there you will have it people. One other day, one other degree in our simulated actuality challenged, and one other alternative for Elon Musk to get on his weird cleaning soap field to destroy everybody’s enjoyable.

Funnily sufficient, Musk shares a variety of traits with the present’s mad scientist, Rick Sanchez. He won’t be as omnipotent or clever — however he actually offers Grandpa Rick a run for his cash within the narcissistic conceitedness division.

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