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Amber Rose posted an important Instagram message about Cam Newton’s sexist remarks

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Amber Rose — host of this yearly Slutwalk, that celebrates women’s rights and works to put a stop to rape civilization — is all about female empowerment. Therefore it should come as no surprise that she had quite a few ideas about Cam Newton’s recent sexist remarks to some female sports journalist.

On Wednesday, the Carolina Panthers quarterback told Jourdan Rodrigue, sports journalist in the Charlotte Observer, “It is amusing to listen to a female talk concerning paths like — it is funny.” Because of this, the NFL participant received a lot of backlash, even losing his sponsorship out of Dannon.

And after viewing the movie of Newton’s opinions, Rose swiftly hopped on Instagram to react also.

In her article, Rose shared with the movie of Newton speaking down to Rodrigue at a condescending tone, so insinuating girls can not potentially be knowledgable about athletics.  

But instead of strictly condemn his activities, Rose confessed that this behaviour stems from a much larger problem.

“This is precisely why we will need to continue to teach our boys… let’s not get angry at him and know that society instructed him to believe this way his whole life,” she started.

“We as girls aren’t as intelligent as men, that we’re incapable of liking or being educated about sports since we’ve got a vagina. Really it isn’t his fault for believing this way but sadly for him there needs to be impacts so as to bring change,” she went on.

Rose signed her message, “Love Always- Captain Save a Hoe” — her Slutwallk 2017 alter self.

Amber Rose in the third annual Slut Walk

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Rodrigue — the reporter who requested Newton the query — additionally addressed the episode on Twitter, reminding everybody that speaking about sports is actually her occupation.

I really don’t think that it’s “funny” for a female and speak about paths. I believe that it’s my job.

Along with gender equality, maybe Newton must add sports journalism into the list of items he wants to educate himself on.

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