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10 Things I’d Like My Readers To Know About Me By Kellie Hailes

I had been that near being called after a racehorse. I very nearly came to this world as Toni Renee following my mom took a shine to a racehorse of the name. In a bizarre twist, despite several efforts, horses and I don’t get on.

I won second prize in the college pet afternoon to get the pet worm. My sister chose to take our puppy to our yearly school pet day and that I did not wish to move emptyhanded, so that I dug up a pig, popped it into a huge glass jar with plenty of dirt. I then researched how to maintain a pig for a pet. On the afternoon I walked round the school area thrilled as punch with my miniature pig, and managed to demonstrate the paths in the dirt which demonstrated the pig was still living. I placed second, dropping into a sea slug. The pig was returned into the ground shortly afterwards, but I still have my certification.

Folks call me ‘Pollyanna’ and it drives me insane. Mostly because when it is said to me it is in this manner that it is clear the person doesn’t take care of my perkiness. Unfortunately, as a result of my silver lining temperament, and the expression ‘worse things happen at sea’ being drilled into me because I was a young child, I do not let anything get me down for long. So maybe it is a deserved expression, but it is still not my favorite.

I have watched Star Wars IV within a hundred occasions. Likely over 200. Each of the actions. All of the good versus evil. Lightsabers! Even today I still pop it on at least one time every year.

It had been roughly 28 pages long and showcased Prince William and Prince Harry coming into New Zealand for a trip, just to get stuck in a cave along the Kaikoura coast after a rockslide. Then they had to find resourceful and fend for themselves till his mother and daddy saved them. I received a 50cent postage mark for this bit of writing out of my instructor, which turned out to be a really major thing.

I attempted to join the authorities. And by ‘attempt’ I mean that I read the prerequisites, determined the toughest part are the fitness evaluation and then began going to the gym religiously. After exercising for six weeks and not getting anywhere near the necessary minimum time for your run I chose to stick with my job as a radio copywriter, and immediately quit the gym.

It took me almost twenty years to receive my full drivers license. I do not do tests. It took me until I was eighteen to receive my students, followed closely by my limited, and that way just as a girl I worked with in the time pushed me to perform it. I would have been happy to sit down on my limited eternally, but the legislation shifted here in New Zealand that meant if you did not advance to the complete license you would have to return to the beginning. That meant more evaluations. So I pulled on my big woman britches and booked myself in for the entire. I shook like a leaf through the whole evaluation, also went left instead of right at the very start, but I got there at the end. And I almost hugged the licencing officer when she said I had passed.

My very first job was selling chosen onions for commission in markets. I was all of twelve years old, obtained eighty cents from each sale, and that I could still do the sales patter. Do you want to try out a pickled onion? There is curry, hot and routine…’

I thought that by doing this that they’d never bite me since it made them happy. They never did sting me, but I guess that it was the singing which drove them away, instead of their pleasure of my own performance.

When I was not writing romance I would be writing. Composing is in my bloodstream. Inside my soul. It is all I have ever wanted to perform. From composing stories during college, to radio advertisements within my twenties and early thirties, to crafting posts concerning the latest happenings from the wonder world for my present job. I consider myself blessed to be in a position to do exactly what I love — and that I can not imagine not putting words out there at 1 form of another. But writing love? That is within my heart, and that I expect to spin stories of 2 people falling in love eternally.

The large Small Festival is printed by HQ, and is available today as a paperback, #7.

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