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Parents Are Warned To Protect Their Children’s Eyes From Harmful UV Rays

Estimates state around 80 percent of a Individual’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation happens until the era of 18 [1] nonetheless more than three quarters of British parents are unaware of the requirement to prioritise packaging their Kid’s sunglasses for vacations

Summer is a time where we are exposed to harmful UVA & UVB rays

Summer is a period where we’re vulnerable to damaging UVA & UVB rays

Summer is the ideal time of the year to soak up sunlight and high up on organic vitamin D, but it is also a period where we’re exposed to damaging UVA & UVB rays. Even though the vast majority of parents shield their kids ‘ own skin, few are prioritising shielding their eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

If you believe that it’s estimated children’s yearly UV exposure is on average 3 times greater than adults and because their eyes aren’t fully developed they have significantly less natural protection against the damaging effects of UV light,[1] it’s alarming that children’s eyes aren’t being given the identical consideration.

fighter fighter eyewear has generated a movie to tackle this. You would not neglect to wear sun cream in sunlight, and thus don’t forget to wear sunglasses.

With quotes saying around 80 percent of a individual’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation happens before the era of 18 [1], it’s essential for parents to make sure their kids wear sunglasses when outside to maintain their eyes shielded. Children’s students are bigger than adults, meaning that they allow in more UV light and also their crystalline lens is much more transparent, meaning it’s less effective at filtering out UV.

Short term temporary consequences of excessive exposure to UV light to kids include:-LRB-********)

Hyper-sensitivity to mild

Sunburn of the eye, called ‘picture keratitis’ that may lead to vision loss for individuals to 48 hours.

Whilst the bulk parents are worried about packaging high factor sun creams and hats to keep their kids protected in sunlight, nearly three quarters do not consider sunglasses per priority as revealed in new study by fighter fighter eyewear. Yet parents do prioritise packaging swimming costumes, snacks and just a Kindle over shades.

Consultant Eye Surgeon Alex Shortt explained: ‘This study demonstrates that with no doubt UV lighting does harm children’s eyes, which generally does not manifest until later in life. It’s extremely dangerous to purchase super cheap pound store sunglasses, which comprise dark lenses although no UV filters. With fighter sunglasses, your kids are totally protected and you may feel assured when they play at sunlight.’

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[1] World Health Organisation – http://www.who.int/uv/resources/fact/en/fs261protectchild.pdf  

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