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Louise Redknapp Reveals How She Maintains A Positive Mind-Set

Louise Redknapp and Actimel are depriving us all of the significance of a positive mental attitude. Even if the weather is bad or you’re feeling depressed for no reason- it is important to still find reasons to grin as Louise clarified when we caught up with her.

Please inform us about your participation in the brand new Actimel campaign.

I have combined forces with Actimel to help everybody have a more favorable attitude to daily. It looked like a natural match since I am feeling fantastic right now and it is wonderful to help people recall that everyday life is excellent, it is all about the mind-set with that you approach it.

How can you navigate through life’s daily struggles?

I frankly find a favorable mind-set is all, that can be tough to remember sometimes. Like when I am stuck in traffic and running late to pick up the children, you’re feeling awful and the anxiety level is increasing. All you really have to do is breathe, then take the problem and put on some songs very loud and have a bit sing on your own!

Which are the best tips for staying optimistic once the weather is poor outside?

that I really like a great rainy day. Any explanation to wrap up warm, and get comfy. I will cuddle up with my boys and set a film on. Bad weather does not need to mean poor times!!

When you do get an instance of the blues how did you kick it?

As a good deal of individuals understand, I recently got back to dance in a large way. I am trying to keep up that as far as I can. I find visiting a course and only letting go for one hour will be the ideal mood buster of all.

Dancing has always been a significant part of my life. I moved to performing arts college prior to being in a female group and with a solo career. As soon as I began a family, I focussed all of my energy on this but because being a part of Strictly, I am actually felt my enthusiasm for dancing reunite. I made friends for life on the series, and myself and a few of those Strictly cast still go to regular courses!

When and why did you get started doing yoga and pilates and how has it changed your mindset from the mornings?

Pilates is one of my most important types of exercise – besides kicking a ball round the backyard with my own boys! I have a tendency to do it together with friends instead in my, as that is how I remain inspired in practice. In addition, it means that you may opt for a cup of tea and a catch-up later!  

Which are the best tips for staying resilient in every area of your daily life?

Maintain a favorable mind-set and realize that time goes on and affects things. You must do little things each day to make you happy even if it’s only taking five minutes to sit down with a cup of tea and a publication. And be daring!  

What’s equilibrium and being emotionally strong key to your favorable mindset?

An optimistic mindset is everything, it completely changes how you approach life. You are bound to take more risks, and end up in amazing scenarios because of this!  

What average items do you eat to maintain your body fuelled for daily?

I attempt to be as healthy as I could but that means equilibrium- such as using a roast dinner rather than over-doing the potatoes. I always have Actimel multi-fruit in my refrigerator too, my favorite flavour!

I only really need to continue dancing – if that be about the West End point (that is a fantasy!) Or on a trip someplace not too far from your home. I will also look ahead to picnics at the park, perhaps a shore break someplace and long walks with my dogs and my loved ones. It is the small things!

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