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Can’t Believe It’s October | The Pioneer Woman

I can not imagine it is already October. Paigie-Woman is currently in her older 12 months. I am consuming as many chips together with her as possible.

She is gathering school information so she’ll make college decisions!

The later People Journal happened to return to the ranch to shoot my image, the Oklahoma end decided to completely shut down on us. Generally, I would welcome this with open arms, but it seems the photographer expected for a little bit of wind in my hair. The irony of using a buff open atmosphere in what could be the windiest county within your whole state of Oklahoma wasn’t lost on me.

(Thanks once again, People Journal, for together with my middle-aged self on your cowl this week! This type of enjoyable experience)

About the Merc, we are preparing for autumn and the holiday season generally! I can not imagine we have already been open almost a 12 weeks. It seems great to have the first 12 weeks beneath our belt!

In distinct info, my bedding lineup starts on tomorrow morning!

I am so enthused about it. Each of the bits is purty.

I am scared of fragile. Have you ever noticed?

And I have been so to ask you concerning this thriller. Can you to help me solve it?

Effectively, only needed to test in from my small corner of Oklahoma this afternoon.

I hope you are all doing efficiently!

My prayers and love are with all the families of those Las Vegas sufferers, and the ones that are hurt. I can not stop serious about the jolt they ought to have felt yesterday, along with the annoyance and sorrow they ought to be feeling from the current moment. Along with the senselessness of it all–I almost can not wrap my ideas, coronary heart, soul across it. It is totally, positively dumb. That is the 1 term that keeps coming to my own thoughts.

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