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Final Fantasy VII’s Excellent Pizza Joke Did Not Translate To English

I’ve been having fun with by Closing Fantasy VII in Japanese, and I’m having an excellent time mentioning little nuances that I didn’t uncover after I initially carried out the game in English 20 years previously.

Last time, we accompanied Aeris as she dressed Cloud up like a girl so they might trick a person. This time, we’re moreover going to have a protracted soliloquy close to some underwear. The 1990s, man! Video video video games have been merely cuckoo for underwear.

We’re moreover going to assault Shinra Tower, meet Sephiroth, escape the city of Midgar, and research Cloud’s earlier. And there’s a element about—properly, I’ll be proper right here all day if I start itemizing the problems with which this video is jam-packed.

I used pizza throughout the headline because of pizza is important to me. Though now that I’ve you proper right here: are you aware that Aeris has a nickname for Cloud in Japanese that she makes use of regularly all via the game, and that that nickname is a reference to the very first vital dialog they ever had? That’s really cute. In English, she typically calls him “Bodyguard,” which is usually a reference to that exact same dialog, though in Japanese, it’s just a bit bit completely completely different, and it’s sweet as heck.

Moreover on this video, I reference George Bernard Shaw, we discuss pizza, and we work together in some profound speculation regarding a bathroom. Within the occasion you ask me, that’s the very definition of “one factor for everybody.”

You could meet up with your entire sequence on this YouTube playlist, by one of the best ways.

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