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Cowboy Pete | The Pioneer Woman

A great deal of the ones that have read this website (or seen my cooking chain) through the years have likely seen “Cowboy Pete.” Cowboy Pete was about the ranch for over 28 decades (greater than I have) and he has always, always been about. Running cows, cutting hay, fixing fence, repairing equipment–and that merely scratches the surface of each of the task he did.

My kids have not known that the ranch without him, Marlboro Man and Tim cannot envision the ranch without him, and this is really a reduction everyone will sense. He has lived at precisely the specific same area on the ranch indefinitely. It’s right off the road the moment you flip our off our road. Every week as I’ve passeed out of Pete’s place, I have felt exactly the specific same aggravation. It’s so strange that he’s not there anymore.

That is his legacy. In his support, his unbelievable daughter Bird discussed. She clarified that what Pete educated her and her sisters was that there was always time to help people. Pete will stop and help a stranded motorist or someone needing yet a lot of rush he had been in himself. What a lesson to teach your children.

We love you, Pete. Rest in peace, friend.

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