Why Google Update Is Essential


Google updates are essential for the Internet because they can help weed out poor-quality websites and, more importantly, websites that have been home to numerous cases of online scams, identity theft, and other types of Internet criminal activities. Unfortunately, Google updates can also be pretty difficult for most web business owners to acclimate to. But if you do not take their policy changes into account, your website search engine ranking may be drastically affected.

Thankfully, you can make use of the tips below to ensure that your website will always remain on top of your niche markets online no matter what kinds of updates Google would roll out in the future.

Content (of the highest quality) is king

In the past, the phrase – or motto if you will – “content is king” used to be sufficient but not anymore. With Google rolling out Panda and Penguin updates and more updates that are likely to come out in the future, just having fresh and original content consistently uploaded to your website is no longer enough. It’s great that you’ve taken the time to ensure your content is original and not plagiarized from any other source or site. That’s something other web business owners don’t bother themselves with.


However, updates from Google are now demanding you to be just as strict when it comes to the quality of your content. When writing or even paying for content for your website, make sure that it meets the following qualifications.

  • Is it relevant to your business and target market?
  • Will your target market learn something new, different, or interesting because of it?
  • Is it written without any grammatical or spelling mistakes?
  • Is the word count and article length appropriate for your target market?
  • Are keywords used strategically?
  • Is it written in a cohesive and coherent manner?

Focus on social engagement.

Your website must be as busy as a beehive. It’s one of the best ways to convince Google that your website matters to your target market. For this to happen, you will need to consistently engage in a wide variety of social activities. At the very least, you must establish your presence in the following types of websites:

  • Social networking sites like Facebook
  • Blog hosting sites like WordPress
  • Photo-hosting sites like Instagram and Pinterest
  • Social bookmarking sites like Digg
  • Micro-blogging sites like Twitter
  • Forums

Earn your backlinks instead of building them.

Last but not the least; it’s time to change your traditional – and admittedly outdated – outlook about backlinks. Instead of spending time building your backlinks, you should focus on what you can do to earn them. In other words, come up with ways that would make other people willingly and voluntarily link back to your website – without any direct prompting on your end.

Evaluate your website’s performance more effectively with high speed Internet.

Consistent checks on how your website is performing based on the newest updates from Google are a must. In fact, it would be better if you create a schedule for such checks and make it a permanent part of your routine. However, such checks can be quite elaborate and for that you will need high speed Internet. If not, you may be less productive with the use of your time.

Author’s Bio:

Krystine Joy Sitjar is a freelance SEO writer. She also loves her boyfriend so much.