Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Drive Traffic

YouTube, with more than an astounding 3 billion daily visitors, is a user-generated video sharing website. YouTube allows users to view, post comments and share videos on its site. YouTube encourages users to upload videos, movies clips, TV clips and shows. Most of the content on YouTube is uploaded by registered individuals while some major organizations also post some of their material. Registered users have the freedom to upload unlimited number of videos and clips while the unregistered users can only watch videos.

For small businesses or large businesses, or even a guy with only blog to boast of, generating traffic to your website is very important. Making use of online video sharing sites like YouTube can turn a casual watcher in to a serious clicker. YouTube being the second most favored search engine after Google has incredible potential to turn your online marketing campaign in to success. There are a number of traffic driving services available, but YouTube is the easiest and the cheapest source of traffic. A glance at Google’s search results page will show that results from Wikipedia and YouTube appear no matter what you search for. This goes on to show the importance of having a video on YouTube that will generate traffic to your site.

Drive Traffic

If you have been using YouTube only to watch videos, then you have certainly no gauged its reach and relevance in today’s growing social media scene. YouTube has made an indelible mark on the younger generation as the go-to site. It is time to take advantage of YouTube’s popularity.
Let’s first see how posting videos on YouTube help generate traffic to your site.

• Your content has the potential to be found anywhere on YouTube site.

• Your content can also be indexed by Google’s search engine and appear on Google’s results page, get embedded on others blogs, get shared by viewers across other social networking platforms.

• Your content generates brand awareness for your products. The more views you are able to generate for your videos, the more traffic you generate for your site. And more traffic translates in to more sales.

• Make sure that your videos are able to build rapport with viewers. Videos should be informative, interesting and should encourage viewers to respond to your call of action.

All you need to do is create relevant and informative videos related to your niche that manage to generate interest among viewers. You should come out of your long held conviction that viral videos are always about some hilarious moment with your pup caught at an unsuspecting time. You have to bear in mind that the quality of views matters more than the quantity.

Four powerful ways to effectively convert YouTube Video viewers in to blog visitors:

• Compelling Call Of Action:

Other than creating compelling videos and posting it on YouTube, there is yet another strategy to accomplish traffic generation: an equally compelling call of action. You should include a call of action at the end of each video. Make sure that each video tells your viewers what exactly is expected of them, how to go about doing it, and why doing it is beneficial. The What, How and the Why of your video has to be described properly. Only if your call of action is compelling will your video viewers get converted in to visitors to your blog. This step is so simple; it is surprising to note that it is often the most overlooked step.

• Description Of Your Video:

Every new video gives you an opportunity to include description of your video’s content. You can write a traffic generating description using some call to action keywords and your websites’ complete URL. You could consider adding a small paragraph of text from the video so that people know what the video is all about before watching it. Never forget to include your website’s URL.

• Call-To-Action Overlay:

Finally, make use of YouTube’s feature called the ‘Call-to-Action Overlay’. Overlay is simply a banner that is placed on the lower end of your video. This banner advertisement gives you complete control over the copy, image and the destination you want your viewers to reach. You should sign up with Call-to-Action Overlay to start using this little known feature.

• Respond With Videos:

The next time you visit YouTube, make sure you take some time to look at all the videos posted on YouTube that are related to your niche. Search for competitors videos to learn more about their selling points. There are some finer points in these videos that make them very popular. Try to identify these points and inculcate them in your future videos. There are a couple of reasons for watching competitor’s videos. One reason is to post constructive comments as response to the videos. The other is to create and post video responses. You can choose to post video response by uploading one of your previously posted YouTube video. You can respond to your competitors videos’ with your videos.

These are some of the ways in which you can drive traffic to your blog using YouTube.