Top Ten List Of SEO Tools For Your Site

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Top Ten List Of SEO Tools For Your Site

Why spend hundreds of dollars to launch and development of your website, but your site did not appear at the first page of search engine! You have the best available, it uses fully optimized content and get appointed Search engine optimization experts to obtain your website optimized properly. Despite the best efforts have been made to get your site on the first page of search engines, you have not got the desired result. To increase the traffic rank and page of the site, you need to bring your site on top.

For that you need to understand the strategies recommended for optimization. Search engine optimization is a dynamic process that continues to change from time to time. The strategy is the best at the moment that might become obsolete within a few days. To understand the changing trend of search engine optimization, you must have a thorough understanding of the process. However, acquiring a thorough expertise in the method isn’t always easy for a layman.

As well as in that position, you can surely read the top 10 Search engine optimization tools you have to get your site around the first page of major search engines like google.

1. Sitemap Generator

Site Map Generator

Launching a site is not enough. You must notify the major search engines about your new site, thereby facilitating access to their crawlers. So you need to generate a map of your site by using a sitemap generation tool.

2. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

At the site of optimizing a website is very important, and for that you need to target the right keywords for your site. To drive traffic and increase the popularity of your website, you should find a real tool for keywords that can help generate required keywords for the site.

 3. Keyword Density Checker Tool

Keyword Density Checker Tool

Pointing to a set of keywords is not everything. For proper optimization, it is necessary to understand the density of each keyword. You must use the keywords based on their density. To maintain the required keyword density, you must use the right tool keyword density.

4. Back Link Checker

Back Link Checker

To increase the ranking of your site, you need to get more back links to his site. If you want to have back links to your site and get compared to the number of binding a competing web site, you must use link checker again. However, if you want to know the number of link only your site, you can draw your webmaster tools.

5. Page Rank Checker

Page Rank Checker

Use the page rank checking tool if you want to know if your site is properly optimized or not. Experts say, a site which has page rank of three or more is a good place. If you have launched a new site, which will take some time to reach the target page rank, but control of the classification of the page at regular intervals will keep you abreast of recent developments.

6. Traffic Estimator Tool

Traffic Estimator Tool

Whatever the type and purpose of a website, the main goal is to attract traffic. To see if your site is getting enough traffic or not, you must use the Traffic Estimator tool. You can check out Google and Alexa webmaster tools to find a reliable traffic estimator.

7. Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator

Using Meta Tags Generator for search engine crawlers from relatives for the content of your website. Meta title, Meta keywords and Meta description helps search engine crawlers to understand what the site is about. A site is classified according to the Meta tags used. Therefore, this tool is essential for your site.

8. Similarity Checking Tool

Similarity Checking Tool

Always remember, the search engine not to sponsor similar content in different places. Therefore, you must use the similarity or plagiarism check monitoring tool to ensure that your site has unique content. Similar content of your site rank and may also attract penalty.

9. Indexed Page Checker Tool

Indexed Page Checker Tool

Write a bunch of keyword rich content and publishing on its website does not guarantee a good Page Rank. To increase your page rank, you need to get every page indexed. Use the checking tool index page to find the number of pages indexed. If the difference between pages and pages indexed presented is very broad, immediate action.

10. Webmaster Tool

Webmaster Tool

For a complete understanding of the popularity of your website in search engines, you need to use tools for webmasters. A complete set of tools for webmasters that provides many functions to know how your site is working in search engines. With this particular tool, you are able to take some necessary technical changes  to the site.