Top Ten List Of Most Expensive Houses In Australia


Top Ten List Of Most Expensive Houses In Australia

When it comes to unaffordable housing, Australia is the main country where you can find luxury homes. Despite the economic downturn that affected the world’s major countries, specifically the leader of all nations, that is the United States of America, real estate development is still struggling and kicking. This is one reason why the value is also increasing as demand has declined significantly over time. Some of the most expensive residential property in Australia can be found mainly in Melbourne. Let’s see the high price tags of these homes on our list.

10. Mosman Park Mansion House

Mosman Park Luxury Mansion

This is the lowest among the top ten houses on this list, but the price remains high and that its value is $ 5,500,000. While there are other houses in the same order of magnitude, but it’s worth between $ 4 and $ 5,000,000, which is not very practical these days, even though the house is one of the most basic needs.

9. Mansion Red Hill, Canberra

Red Hill Mansion, Canberra

This is already sold for $7. 3 million of privacy and the name of the person who bought the property is declared with 5 bedrooms and located at 27 Mugga Way in Red Hill.

8. Brighton Water Views, VIC

Brighton Water Views, VIC

This could be the perfect wedding could be the dream of every bride, especially if you will soon discover that only spend $ 9,000,000 for this house. The property is built for relaxation and recreation for the whole family. A resting place indeed.

7. Exclusive Centennial Park Mansion, NSW

Exclusive Centennial Park Mansion, NSW

It is located in the city of Sydney, where parks and gardens are fascinating features in front of them from the home of a $ 11 million. Can be found at Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust luxury real estate are managed.

6. Sovereign Islands Paradise, QLD

Sovereign Islands Paradise, QLD

It is a dream home because of the rich rivers that surround the area. It is very prestigious and built around the basic amenities that any of the functions are residential. However, you have to drop your jaw, because the $ 11.4 million in value.

5. The Finest Crossways

The Finest Crossways

It’s called as cross symbolizes transversely from Australia within the sense that values and advertises arts and crafts. Indeed, it’s one of the greatest properties which could have, that is costing $ 11.4 million, comparable to Sovereign Islands Paradise. This residence of 7 rooms in Sydney, Nsw. It was created in 1908 and it has a secret garden, terrace, pool, and constructed with the best imported furniture.

4. Mosman Mansion, Sydney Harbour

Mosman Mansion, Sydney Harbour

This differs from the others Mosman mansion pointed out and contained in the above list, ranking number 10. It’s $ 11.45 million and it is located in the main harbour of Sydney, Nsw. Situated on the north coast and it has 7 bedrooms, a games room and 3 bathrooms. There is a beautiful landscape grounds, a tennis court, pool, a balcony plus a roof terrace.

3. Waterfront Home on Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

Waterfront Home on Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

It is a up-to-date mansion, that is a design of four plants value as much as $ 14 million. You can view beaches and it’s also constructed with magnificent stained glass sections, concrete, wood and tiled floors. There are also interesting features, such as an lift, billiard room, pool with waterfall effect, and also the cover.

2. Craig-y-mor, Wolesley Road, Overlooking Sydney Harbour

Craig-y-mor, Wolesley Road, Overlooking Sydney Harbour

An oozing $32 million property, that was constructed in 1910, then appeared 1960; it went through restoration, that was guided via Professor Leslie Wilkinson. The main advantage of that mansion is a wonderful views of a Sydney Opera House and also the Harbour Bridge.

1. The Saunder’s Street Mansion, Perth, WA

The Saunder’s Street Mansion, Perth, WA

The house $ 57.5 million was really the heritage of Angela Bennett, sold with the mining tycoon named Chris Ellison, and it was possible via the hard work of the broker named Willie Porteous carries a strong commitment too.

These buildings aren’t newly built homes but they’re traditional and priceless. Despite of the modern designs and patterns, that are rising nowadays, their price isn’t reducing. In fact, they’re within an acceptable cycle in terms of real properties like land titles and houses. We don’t know when some of the unsold houses could be claimed by someone as theirs. You will find lots of mansions from other countries, which are much heftier compared to budget range, that are mentioned with one of these top 10 houses.

Yet, the impressions that Australia gives that residential development can still be redeemed. People can easily still save it, particularly with the fluctuating economy which the world underwent and it is still attempting to overcome. Those houses are not just a reminder of value but the practicality that we can still live a comfortable life without spending too much.