Top ten Jewelry Tips that make you look stylish!

make you look stylish!
make you look stylish!

Fashion is often hammered in our brain as an integral part of one’s personality. But is it really so? Who decides which style is in and which style is out? Fashion Designers? But does the common mass really wear that is created by the fashion designers? Ask anyone and the most common answer that you will get is “We wear what we are comfortable in” This is same in the case of jewelry items. Not everyone is comfortable to wear any and every type of jewelry items. While some like big elaborate jewelry items others crave for delicately crafted pieces. So you see it depends on one’s comfortability factor as well as their preference and tastes. However don’t forget to keep the following tips in mind while you select the jewelry items whether it is a ring, earring, necklace or a bracelet even:

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  • Observe what your favorite celebrity, friend or your idol is wearing. If you really fid this people really fashionable then there is no harm in copying them. But don’t be a copy cat rather get inspired and throw some elements that are specific to you.
  • Never be afraid to try out something new. The best feature about any jewelry item is that they can drastically change one’s appearance. Just because you have not tried something before does not mean that you will restrict yourself. Dress up as if there is no tomorrow. You never know you might be appreciated for your creativity.
  • Don’t go for any jewelry item that is completely mainstream. Try to stick to things that are offbeat and rare. A Nose ring can the way you look. So what is the harm in trying it out?
  • Go for jewelry items that you really like. Never buy any item that you are not completely sure of. Don’t forget they are an investment in itself. Hence it is better to be safe then to be sorry.
  • When in office opt for jewelry items that are stylish but never over the top. Hence opt for studs and simple looking chains with a pendant and nothing more.
  • If you are going to a party with close friends then let your imagination run wild. One can easily wear a dangler with a chunky bracelet and a stylish pendant that improves your appearance by notches.
  • Mix and match the jewelry items with your dress to create an individualistic look.
  • Whatever you do, don’t over accessorize. It does nothing but leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the onlooker. Select any particular piece and then concentrate on it. A dangler earring looks good when worn without a necklace. But if you want to wear a necklace then stick to studs. Make any one jewelry item the main piece rather than highlighting each and every item.
  • Also keep in mind the occasion you are attending and then select the kind of jewelry item that goes with the scenario instead of the other way round.
  • And finally whichever item you buy make sure that you do it from a well known and reputed jewelry store so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the metal as well as the level of craftsmanship.

Author: Thelma D. McAnally is a fashion lover and jewelry expertise helps you to make the decision whenever you choose the perfect styling accessories for your outfits. To experience her thinking go Tresor Paris Press Coverage for more.