Top Ten Cosplay Ideas for Beginners

Cosplay Ideas for Beginners

Every year fans of movies, pop culture, comic books, art, and more come together at conventions all across the globe to celebrate the things they love. Whether it’s a local gaming convention in a small town or San Diego Comic-Con, the world’s largest comic book convention, you’re sure to find plenty of cosplayers.

Cosplaying is not just a way to show off your fandom, but it’s a way to pay homage to something that inspires you in a big way. When you cosplay, you can connect with other fans and have an even better convention experience. Pulling off good cosplay takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it once you get to the convention floor.

Getting Started With Cosplay

When you’re deciding on a character to cosplay as, it’s important to choose an outfit which you’ll be comfortable wearing– you’ll be doing a lot of walking in crowded spaces. Cosplay is all about having fun, so you want to choose something you feel connected to. Do some research and get tips online, and make sure to give yourself the time and budget you need to pull it off.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a costume, here are some ideas to help inspire you.

Cosplay Ideas

  1. Group cosplay: If you’re feeling intimidated by cosplaying for the first time, it helps to have friends at your side. Choosing to do a group cosplay takes the pressure off and can end up being a lot more fun.
  2. Doctor Who characters: Doctor Who has a ton of great characters to cosplay as. Dress as your favorite Doctor, companion, villain, or even the TARDIS herself.
  3. Member of Starfleet: Star Trek uniforms are fairly easy to buy or make and you’re definitely going to find other Trekkies (Trekkers) at the con.
  4. Genderswap: Changing the gender of a character is always a fun twist and opens up lot of possibilities.
  5. Pokemon: Everyone loves Pokemon, but you don’t see very many Pokemon trainers or Pokemon at the average convention. It’s a recognizable costume and there won’t be a million other people dressed as the same thing.
  6. Your favorite anime character: There are anime fans at just about every convention, so whatever character you pick is sure to get some recognition.
  7. Characters from Star Wars: Whether you choose to be Han, Leia, Luke, Vader, or an Ewok, Star Wars has countless characters that are simply iconic.
  8. Animals and Kigurumis: Kigurumis are animal shaped pajamas and can make for a fun and cozy cosplay, or at least inspire one.
  9. Steampunk: Steampunk costumes are fun to construct and there’s a great community of people who wear them. Just get some gears, tubing, metal washers, and other odds and ends at a hardware store or order them online, then build your costume and a character to go along with it.

Make up your own character: There’s no rule that says you have to dress up as something everyone will know. Go as your D&D character or something else that you make up from scratch. As long as you own it and have fun your outfit will look great.