Top Ten Best Amusement Parks on the planet


Top Ten Best Amusement Parks on the plane

Amusement parks and Theme parks will always be the kind of attraction for kids, Youngsters and Grown ups made up of different rides that folks enjoy. People normally visit to savor the rides and also the Water rides the industry great supply of fun on their behalf.
So, for you personally people I’ve chose to make this listing of top ten best amusement parks on the planet, that also includes some favorite amusement parks too.Take advantage of the list and going to.

10. Alton Towers Staffordshire, United kingdom

Alton Towers Staffordshire

Alton Park may be the world’s tenth amazing amusement park and also the favorite amusement park in United kingdom, Alron Towers is really a resort which has the amusement park plus hotels, Water park and several other areas to savor. It’s total 33 rides with 8 curler coasters and 5 water rides.

9. Universal Port Aventura Tarragona, Spain

Universal Port Aventura Tarragona

Universal port Aventura is definitely an theme park and is among the favorite amusement parks on the planet and was opened up in 1995, it’s total 30 rides with 5 curler coasters, 3 water rides with 2 hotels.

8. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia, US

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Virginia

This [ark was began in 1975 and is dependant on the theme of old-world Europe. The park has 53 rides with 5 ride and 4 water rides plus they say “Make an association in another Direction”. This park is known for its fifth best steel ride this year.

7. Knoebels Pennsylvania, US

Knoebels Pennsylvania

Knoebels is definitely an amazing theme park with 57 rides it began in 1926 and is known for its rides. It’s the park that also includes a children ride together with 3 other plus 2 water rides. The Knoebels park say “It’s My Type of Fun!”

6. Six Flags Magic Mountain California, US

Six Flags Magic Mountain California

Six Flags Miracle Mountain was began in 1971 and it is the 2nd amusement park that has one of the most curler coasters in the world. It’s 52 rides with 17 curler coasters and three water rides. The title from the park 6 Flag is essentially due to the organization who bought this park.

5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach Lancashire, UK

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Lancashire

“ View it, Feel it, Love it”, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is among the best theme parks on the planet and is probably the top twenty favorite theme parks. It includes 38 rides with 10 curler coasters and 4 water rides.

4. Holiday World Indiana, US

Holiday World Indiana

Holiday World is really a amusement park with four different sections for every big day ride, which special days are Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and 4th of This summer. The Vacation World Indiana has 40 rides with 4 curler coasters and 25 Water rides it is only not really a amusement park but additionally a Water park that states “#1 to see relatives Fun!”

3. Europa Park Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

Europa Park Baden Wuerttemberg

It’s the among the best amusement parks on the planet and also the biggest one out of Germany. Those who arrived at Germany to go to the Disneyland are available to go to this place because it is behind it. The Park includes 54 different rides with 10 curler coasters and 5 water rides.

2. Islands of Adventure, Florida, US

Islands of Adventure, Florida

This amusement park was opened up in 1999 and includes two hotels, Universal Studio Florida along with a resort. This amusement park is dependent on exploration. You will find six islands of the park and every island is dependent on another theme. It’s 28 rids with 4 curler coasters and three water rides.

1. Cedar point Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar point Florida

Cedar plank point takes the very best place one of the top 10 best theme parks on the planet. It had been began in 1870, and it has a lot more than Seventy five rides and 17 curler coasters. Additionally, it provides a water park, a whitened sand beach, two marinas, challenging park composed go-karts, miniature gold, skyscraper and Ripcord. It’s the best amusement park to go to should you visit Florida