Top Six Android Apps of 2012

TuneWiKi Android App

Smartphone users know that apps compatible with their mobile phone’s operating system are one of the major conveniences to using a mobile device. Apps, short for applications, are developed independently by developers, and business that have an app approved for distribution by the OS owner, in this case, Android, vastly increase the business or brand profile. Users just think they’re cool. To that end, here are some of the best apps available for Android smartphones or tablets – or both. And the real benefit is that they are all free!


GasBuddy Android App

This mobile phone app works anywhere in the US or Canada. Use while running errands across town, while on vacation or on a business trip. You may think that the price you see is the lowest, but two blocks up there’s a cheaper price. Don’t overpay again with this handy, money-saving Android app.

ATM Hunter

ATM Hunter Android App

Sponsored by Master card, find any ATM when you need cash in a hurry. If you can’t find your bank’s ATM when cash is a must, activate the app and find one that’s close.With more vendors and  retailers charging a debit card transaction fee, it just might be cheaper to pay ATM fees for out-of-network services. Finding your own bank’s ATM is even better!

Google Voice

Google Voice

While many of the newest mobile phones come complete with a voice chat option, not all allow international calls or text messages or voice mail. They don’t often allow transcripts to be read to you either.While this isn’t available for tablets, don’t toss your beloved mobile phone that has limitations: Get this free app instead. You even get your own phone number with it, too!


Many smartphones and tablets provide some type of audio file player. Some provide TrackID that identifies what song is playing or displays the album covers. But what audio program provides the words to the song?

TuneWiKi Android App

Enter: TuneWiki. This app not only plays songs but let’s you sing along to the actual lyrics – not those thought-those-were-the-words.

And hey – it’s free!

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Virus and trojan attack attempts are on the rise, and they’re not just for Nokias anymore. While your OS and inborn anti-virus programs may work, they may not work well enough, and unfortunately, many victims don’t find out in time to save themselves, their personal data or their friends.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Upload an independent security and anti-virus program and double your odds against malicious software. “Free app” is always cheaper than a new mobile device!

Prey Anti-Theft

On a steeper upward slope is the number of stolen mobile phones. How often have you heard of someone trying to call a stolen mobile phone, trying to determine where it might be? The Prey Anti-Theft app provides the location of your missing device – or multiple devices – from any other device.

Prey Anti-Theft

Track your device’s SIM use, changing of the SIM card, and SMS or Push activation faster than you can reach your service provider’s help line.

Reduce your potential liability and unauthorized device use: Find it quickly with the Prey Anti-Theft app.