Top 6 Things You Should Not Put in Your CV

Top 6 Things You Should Not Put in Your CV


Your CV is one of the most important documents that determine whether you are going to get a job or not. Therefore, you must always be very careful of what you include or exclude in it. After doing a thorough research, I came up with a list outlining some of the worst things that you should never include in your CV. They include the following:

Top 6 Things You Should Not Put in Your CV

Your Photo

Attaching your photo on your CV is one of worst mistakes that you should try to avoid as much as possible in your job hunting mission. Due to the fact that your image cannot demonstrate your working ability or skills, attaching your photo might appear very unprofessional. In addition, your chances of getting the job even if you are qualified might also be limited. I would suggest that you only include your photo when applying for a position or a job as an actor/actress or a model.

Current Work Address and Phone Number

Including your current work address or phone number in your CV is not only a show of carelessness, but is also very dangerous. I believe that the last thing you need is your potential employers calling you at your current workplace. It might be very embarrassing and challenging to handle such phone calls. What you must also keep at the back of your mind is that your current employer might be monitoring your phone calls and e-mails at the area of work. Therefore, you should not risk giving out your current work contact information unless you want to get fired or charged with breach of contract.

Exaggerated Personal Information

One thing I have always noticed about many young people looking for employment is that they like including too much personal information in their CVs. It is very irrelevant and absolutely unnecessary to include your physical status, age, religious status, sexual orientation, place of birth, marital status, or political affiliation in your CV. Providing such detailed information about yourself is very dangerous as it could lead to identity theft. Always know that no single potential employer or recruitment agency would ever be interested in your private life and that providing very personal details might make you appear very naive.

Common Writing Mistakes

One of the most important advices I always give to people looking for employment is that they should take their time while writing a CV. For your CV to look neat and more professional, it should not contain any spelling mistakes, slang, or grammatical errors. If your CV is full of writing mistakes, no potential employer or recruitment firm would be interested in going through it. This means that you might end up being very unsuccessful in your job hunting mission.

Your Objectives

I believe that an objective is not a selling point in the present time. In fact, including your objectives in the CV might end up causing more harm than good. Objectives not only take too much space in the CV, but they also tell your potential employers what they are already aware of. Therefore, instead of putting down your objectives, I would suggest that you outline your skills, accomplishments, and working experience. In any case you would like to include any explanations, use the cover letter.


To my disappointed, I have realized that may people still include references in their CVs. Nowadays, many employers or recruitment firms do not require any references from job seekers. They already know that you have references and can only ask if necessity arises. One of the many advantages of providing references is that you might end up including out-dated information.