Top 6 Make up Tips To Look Like a Model

Top 6 Make up Tips

It is not uncommon that women would wish to have that model-like nose, slender face or jaw line. Well, all these women need are some tips and tricks in achieving these model looks without the need of any scary chemicals and plastic surgery. Along with this, women should realize how much of a difference it will make if they know how to do these tricks.

1:The Right Foundation

When applying makeup on models, many use primer as it can prepare the skin and create a protective base in order to give a natural looking and longer lasting foundation. When you look in the mirror, you should assess how much covering you will need. If lesser coverage is needed, you can use a lighter foundation which can be a cream or gel products that feels light on the skin. If more covering is needed, go for a thicker foundation. Just make sure to use something that matches your exact skin color and use dampened cloth in applying so as not to get that masked effect.


Most of us, just like models, suffer shadows in some areas of the face especially below the eyes, nose or those with some pigmentation.  These are the areas which will need more work. Use a good quality concealed and brush on these areas so that the shadows will be disguised and will look brighter and refreshed.

Top 6  Make up Tips

3:Shape the Eyebrows Properly

If the eyebrows will be correctly shaped, it can surely make you look like a model while at the same time knock 10 years off your look. This can be done by spraying some hairspray on the eyebrow comb and having it brush the brow into an arch. This will make sure that a better shape is created. Use the benefit brow kit in order to fill in any gaps.

4:Make Long and Luscious Lashes

To get a model look, you should dispense with tinting your eyelashes so as not to apply mascara especially during the day. If you are going to take a closer look, mascara is what makes those flutterers more flattering especially at night. If you desire a Twiggy look, you can have your lashes curled and have it slightly heated using the hairdryer before pressing it for 10 seconds. There is no need for you to apply false eyelashes to get the model look.

5:Slim Face with High Cheekbones       

To achieve a slimmer face, you can put some bronzer under the cheekbones, and have it extend all the way up to the eyes near the hairline. Stop right after the eyes. Then start blending until there is no more sharp contrast between your skin and the bronzer. Then, take some very light eye shadow and put some on the cheekbones. Have it curved upward so it will hit right under the eyebrows. Blend again and you will have a slimmer face and higher cheekbones.

6:More Defined Jaw Line

If you want to achieve that well defined jaw line that can be observed in most models, you can put some bronzer on a brush and apply it on a straight-line along the jaw line. Continue this line from the ears to the throat and have it brought down towards the throat. You should have two well blended lines on each side of the throat which will define the jaw.

Before you even start any of these make up tricks for your desired makeup look, make sure that you have the best quality makeup brushes and kit. You have to realize that this is also the key to achieving perfect make up.