Top 5 Workouts For Your Sex Life

Workouts For Your Sex Life
Workouts For Your Sex Life

Flexibility is the success key sex life. You have to retain and increase stamina if you want to enhance the pleasure of sex life. Your daily exercises should be based to strengthen the muscles and flexibility so that you could move your body like anything to achieve the orgasm. Your stiff and fat body could spoil the mood of your partner when he is in the prime of the sexual intercourse. Here are some workouts which would both help both men and women to boom their sex drive.

Push ups

Push upsPushup is one of the best exercises to increase your stamina and strengthen your body. At the initial stage you can take the support of a wall. This simply leads to push you against the wall. This workout pattern is very beneficial who are not habitual of doing exercise. They can begin with this. You can gradually aim at fix three sets consisting continual workout to enhance your stamina. Once you know the technique of breath management you can start as traditional workouts which are only done with the help of hands and toes.


KegelsWomen must know about Kegel. This workout does not only strengthen pelvic muscles but can also help during childbirth. Men and women both can try this workout. This exercise requires some expertise. This is done by putting the finger under vegina. The beginners should take the help of gynaecologists. The main motive is to strengthen the sexual organ pubococcygeus muscle (or PC). You should not try this during the time of urination. You would lose the strength of the muscle instead of making it stronger. Men can also try this workout. This is a unisex exercise. This increases the erection tenure of men and increases their sex drive and stamina.


QuadrupedQuadruped is an exercise which is done to strengthen your core muscles. Muscles which lie in the center of your body are known as core muscles. Core muscles play a prominent role during different sexual positions. So this is important to do exercises for maintaining the good health and flexibility of those muscles to increase the pleasure of your sexual life.

Exercises for strong upper body

Exercises for strong upper bodyThere are some sexual exercises which require toned, strong arms. You have to put your whole weight on your hands and arms, for example in the missionary position. You should aim upper body strengthen exercises to hit the target. These exercises can be practiced by both men and women. There are different rowing machines which would help to strengthen the upper body parts. You can try pushups. Those who practice can decrease the speed of exercise for upgrading the trough level of workout. You can take the help of a trainer.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio ExercisesCardio exercise increases your heart beat and makes your heart healthy. Twenty minutes in a day is an ideal schedule. This workout helps to strengthen the overall body parts. The strong body would help you to get the pleasure of sexual life for longer time periods without tiredness.