Top 5 Tips to Get That Celebrity Look

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Sometimes all a girl needs is to feel like a princess, or better still an A list celebrity. So, how can you make it happen? Well, follow these simple shopping and dressing tips to get the high fashion look your favorite star loves to be spotted in.

hair and make-up


First come hair and make-up. Braids are very in this season. Easy to style and quick, these can make any outfit pop and give it an edge. If you have hair long enough to braid try different styles like side braid, milkmaid braids, waterfall braid, French braid, fishtail braid, etc to find the one that you like best. If your hair is short try different partings and get introduced to some new age hair styling solutions to experiment with different looks such as slick back, rough curls, and more. If you have extremely long hair, just get a stylish haircut first. Even Alanis Morissette got with it! Unexpressive long hair is just not in anymore. You need layers and body to make long hair work and look beautiful and stylish.

diamond jewelry

The one thing you never see celebrities do is apply too much makeup. Fashion with celebrities is more about subtlety. Incorporate that kind of elegance. First of all, it is most important to use high quality makeup products. Using cheap products somehow shows. The colors cheap cosmetic companies offer are a lot different from celebrated companies. If you do not like spending too much on cosmetics, find a brand that makes quality products that suit your skin for affordable prices. All you need to achieve a great celebrity look is a good concealer to hide all those blemishes, a nice mascara stick that dramatizes your lashes, a blush in any subtle shade of pink, your favorite lipstick and a gloss for your pout. If you feel your eyes are your best feature, look for an eyeliner pencil or liquid to emphasize on the shape and show-off their beautiful color.

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Going out and shopping for clothes to mimic a celebrity wardrobe can be very tiring and very expensive. Instead, it may be wise to look into your own collection of clothes and accessories to create fun and hip celebrity looks. Just flip through a tabloid or magazine and try to figure out what you own that is similar. We all own a t-shirt, tank top or singlet in a plain basic color such as white, black, gray, pink, or purple. You can pair that with your favorite jeans and any stylish high heel shoes you own to get that basic high fashion look. All you have to do is make sure both garments fit you well. Find a top that has a slightly big neck so that you can accessorize right. Many celebrities these days are sporting military boots, so if high heels are not your style slip on your brother’s boots or buy a pair on sale at your closest boots store.

Accessories may be the most crucial part of creating a celebrity look. If this is done right, it doesn’t really matter how much the clothes cost. A few years back it was all about big chandelier earrings made with diamonds from well-known diamond traders. Today the focus is on signature rings and necklaces with large necklaces. Accessories is one aspect you may need to spend a bit on since people can easily make out whether things like diamonds are real or not. On the bright side, buying just one timeless diamond jewelry like a signature ring may be enough to add the celebrity zing to your outfit. You can find affordable prices online through diamond traders that offer diamonds on sale. You can even buy loose diamonds online and set them in a design of your choice.