Top 5 Social Media Apps for Your Android


We all love to connect. It has pretty much become a need, so much so that it is something we do right alongside bring our teeth, twice a day, every day. But as a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to any of us if we came to know that a person checks their social media profile religiously but neglects to actually take care of their teeth and brush twice a day, or at all for that matter. Not a very pleasant thought but something quite akin to the truth.

Anyway, the degrees to which people feel the urge/desire to connect is debatable but one thing is certain that no one is completely exempt from social media. There are so many sites now that no matter how much you avoid it, you are bound to open some sort of account or the other. Further, you are bound to access it from your Android, despite fears of Android spyware, mobile phone spy software and what not, you will most definitely do so– simply because the Android Market has so much to offer other than your run of the mill Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So what are the top 5 apps for social networking through an Android phone? Here you have them:

1. LinkedIn


This is a social service meant to build a great professional network (160 million users already) to help everyone who has a career put themselves out on the platform and further themselves. The app allows users to sync all their data such as calendar, profile info and connections through their Android, which is pretty much the same as operating the actual website. The Android interface is pretty sharp and has many good reviews.

Download Click Here.

2. Voxer


This social media app is catching on alright. It allows users to have audio calls with ‘walkie talkie’ features. Once a user signs up and starts a conversation, they have to simply push a button to start the call. You can use this app for group chat conversations as well. Other than that the app supports sharing of photos, location, and text over Edge, 3G, 4G, and even Wifi.

Download Link: Voxer

3. Tumblr

Tumblr Android App

Another popular app is tumblr which is great for all those who like to write and have an opinion. If you write blogs or create other forms of content then tumblr should assist you well in getting your material out to those around you. You can share all sorts of content from your Android, and can further save drafts of your work, create original posts and locate people from your address book.

Download Link: Tumblr

4. ooVoo


This is an app which recently took a downwards spiral in terms of popularity but is still considered one of the best social apps to have on your Android. The crowning glory of ooVoo is that it can cater upto 12 way video calling from your Android, in other words, a real party. Best part about the app is that it is completely free and puts no limit to the number of ooVoo to ooVoo calls a user makes. Much cheaper to use than Skype for sure.

Download Link: ooVoo

5. FourSquare


This app is good if you and your friends are always on the go and rely more on spontaneous hangouts rather than planned sit downs. You check in to Foursquare using your Android and find the hottest places around you such as theme parks and restaurants. The latest version is FourSquare 5.0, completely free, and better than ever.

Download Link: FourSquare