Top 5 Patterns for Men’s Shirts


Why Patterns?

The great thing about a patterned shirt is that it can bring even the dullest look to life. If you are a basic jeans and generic footwear type of guy, then a shirt with even the most simple of patterns can add some exuberance and confidence to your look.

We looked at the top five on trend patterns to be found on men’s shirts.

1. Paisley

The thing with patterns is that they are not for everyone. Perhaps that should be rephrased, and instead stated as many people refuse to wear patterns as they are far too self-conscious for their own good.


Paisley is one of those patterns that evokes such emotions, with many different colours and varieties available. If you do not feel brave when it comes to a paisley shirt, then try it as a tie first, then graduate to something bigger once you have got used to it. If you still cannot lose the self-consciousness, then go for a smaller, closer paisley pattern that will just appear as something random.

2. Floral


Floral is an extremely close runner up to paisleys in the “I’m not wearing that!” argument, however as it has taken off this year there is potential for it to become more mainstream. Probably the best thing with floral patterns is that you can get a great variety, from relaxed beach shirts to those that are borderline formal. As with paisley, anyone insecure should stick to smaller patterns that can only be identified as floral from extremely close up.

3. Abstracts

men's fashion Abstracts

Geometric shapes and bright colours galore for this one, this is definitely the most “out there” pattern when it comes to men’s shirts. Vivid contrasts have been a key look for this year, and these have manifested themselves most commonly in abstract shirts, allowing the wearer to enjoy a contrast within a garment rather than buying colourful shirts, jeans, and shoes to all match up.

4. Checks


Time to move into the safe zone now. Checks have always been men’s way of appearing creative while actually keeping their look relatively sober. Bigger checks are definitely the way forward, with bold red, greens and blues looking amazing in tartan like designs with black as the opposing colour.

5. Pinstripes

We finish with a nod to formal wear, and the pinstriped shirt with the plain collar and cuffs is something that simply yells confidence and unmistakeable style. The ideal way to present yourself at work, these are best matched with a plain suit and powerful, block coloured tie.

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