Top 5 of Google’s Weirdest Investments

wind turbines

We all know Google earn a substantial amount of money every year, but do you know how much? Just take a guess…

The answer is $29 billion a year, according to SEOmoz. Was your guess even close?

So now we know that Google really do earn a fortune every year, the next thing to find out is what they actually spend their money on. Do they actually invest their money in worthwhile investments? Here are some of Google’s weirdest investments.

1.They hired a full time beekeeper

I am not really sure if this is an entirely necessary investment, but apparently Google thought that by hiring a full time beekeeper to take care of four bee nests would be a good idea. They thought it would be handy for honey to be produced close by for the Google chef. It makes sense, but again, was it really necessary?

2.They spent $40 million on wind turbines

wind turbines

I am all for energy efficient systems and I think wind turbines are a fantastic idea; however, maybe $40 million is a bit extreme, especially because they are completely irrelevant to Google’s business.

3.They spent $1 million on a monorail powered by humans

Again, energy efficient systems are a great idea, but Google have just given Shweeb $1 million to see if they can make the human powered monorail a type of transport that is eco-friendly. How does this benefit Google’s business?

4.Google invested $3.9 million in the Startup of 23andMe

Google invested in 23andMe 23andMe is a genetic research company that is not relevant to Google at all, so it is understandable why this was a controversial investment. Many people are still questioning Google’s reasoning for this.

5.Google invested $500 million in Clearwire

Google invests in Clearwire Clearwire is an internet service provider, so Google’s investment makes more sense than the previous ones because both Clearwire and Google are internet related; however, Google have stopped investing more money in Clearwire, so was this a waste of their $500 million?

Of course Google do actually spend money on things that are actually worthwhile to their company, such as marketing and advertising, but it does make you wonder why so much money is being spent on things that are completely irrelevant to the company itself. However, I guess it can be argued that Google is just doing a good thing for our environment by purchasing $40 million worth of wind turbines.