Top 5 Most Reputable IT Companies of Australia


Australia’s information technology industry is becoming more powerful, prompting venture capitalists from all over the world to invest millions of dollars in funds. It is no surprise that IT firms in Australia were voted as the best companies to work for by the BRW magazine. From consulting service firms to software developers, there are many recognized IT companies based in Australia. Below are the top five Information Technology companies in Australia.

1. Altis Consulting

Altis Consulting provides information management consultancy. For three consecutive years, Altis Consulting Firm was voted by the BRW Magazine as one of the best companies to work for. They utilize IT-based methods to collect and interpret business data for commercial businesses. After finding the data they give the business an understanding of the information so that they can make sound decisions on what the next business venture should be. This consultation is crucial to businesses that want to make the best profit out of the funds they receive from investors, have leverage over their competitors, reduce costs and increase revenue, and to improve other areas that may lack in efficiency. Aside from providing data collection and management, Altis Consulting also uses Data Warehousing, a database that is utilized to report and interpret data.

2. Cordelta

Cordelta offers consulting services to companies that strive to make the most out of the technology they have to flourish. The IT company is unique because aside from professional services, its CEO and staff participate in fundraiser events that fund scholarships, charity and research. Some events and others include creative activities such as the Sleepout Fundraiser. Cordelta focuses on assisting businesses in identifying choices which should be made to bring about long-term benefits. They achieve this through giving businesses a variety of techniques to manage their finances and other information. They provide automated support as well as software and policy development.

3. NetApp Australia (Propriety Limited Company)

NetApp Australia

NetApp Australia provides solutions to businesses in data management and storage. They hold the Innovation Awards for companies that strive to take IT to the next level They came in 6th place on a list of best companies to be employed for provided by FORTUNE’s 100. They have a data solutions system that creates solutions for storing and managing data, and helps to reduce expenses and raise profits for clients by providing virtual access to information that reveal what business action should be taken next. They also have data protection for the information that is collected.

4. OBS

OBS delivers IT Services to businesses who wish to grow with the use of Microsoft technologies. They are the first Gold Partner of Microsoft that is based in Australia. They were also featured in the BRW magazine for the same awards as the others for four years. OBS familiarizes companies with Cloud technologies, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint. They also offer consulting services and support to companies in tracking their performance.

5. Google Australia

Google Australia

The world’s most known Internet Service Provider, Google, has a firm in Australia. Google Australia is efficient in its search engine and all other aspects associated with Google.