Top 5 Fun Dress-Up Party Themes

Dress-Up Party
Dress-Up Party

Your party can be more fun and exciting when you implement a dress up theme for you and your guests. The event can have people dressing up as a fictional character, medieval person or in fantasy costumes.

Here are the top five best party themes:

Egyptian Theme

Egyptian ThemeThe Egyptian theme invokes a sense of royalty to its hosts and guests where they wear the attire of people within this time period. There are numerous costumes to pick from, including the king and queen, palace guards and even a mummy.

Decorations can complete the theme to make everyone believe they have gone back in time. Egyptian scene setters are ideal for an easy layout of the atmosphere. You can also add homemade decorations such as cardboard pyramids and printed hieroglyphs placed on the walls.

Medieval Theme

MedievalThere are many people who associate the medieval themes with courageous knights, whimsical jesters, beautiful princesses and influential kings. This popular setting will make any dress up party come to life as everyone gets a chance to play out their favorite characters from this era or from fictional stories.

A castle or medieval scene setter can bring the atmosphere of knights and crusades to the event area. You can also use soundtracks from movies and TV shows to complement the theme.

1970’s Theme

1970’s Party Theme dressesThere are a lot of people who grew up in the seventies where disco was famous and many classic TV shows were made during this time such as “Happy days”. There are many dress-up choices for everyone to choose from for this setting. This includes the famous fashion trends and popular celebrities from this era.

Seventies music playing can set the mood of the party. You can deepen the atmosphere by adding decorations made famous within this time period such as lava lamps, a rotating disco ball and beaded curtains.

Rock And Roll Theme

Rock And Roll party themeA majority of music listeners have grown up listening to different types of rock music and most of them have fantasized being on stage. You and your guests can live out this fantasy by dressing up as any of your favorite rock artists.

Since this theme is related to music, you should play popular rock and roll music. Activities for this party can include karaoke contests or music video games played with instrument controllers to liven up the night.

Science Fiction Theme

Science FictionSci-fi movies, books and TV shows are incredibly popular and a majority of people have dreamed of being part of an intergalactic space crew to explore the universe. Everyone can choose to dress-up as any of their favorite science fiction characters and live out their roles for the night.

The scene setter should have a space or a starship theme. You can also add miniature planets, ships, and alien figurines to complete the atmosphere.

If you are still looking for other dress up ideas, you can visit any store selling party costumes where you are bound to get inspired in your next dress-up party. You can also browse through stores selling fancy dress online if you want to pick the right costume from the convenience of your home.