Top 5 Best Antivirus Applications for Android


With startling headlines like “Number of malicious Android applications develops by 2200% year over year” and “86% of adware and spyware shipped via repackaging of legitimate apps” it’s worth searching at what measures you are able to decide to try safeguard yourself from adware and spyware. Besides good sense products like not installing applications from an untrusted application store or otherwise setting up applications which request for odd permissions (like a game title wanting SMS permissions), there’s a choice of setting up an anti-virus application for the device. You will find a number of large title applications available, frequently free of charge, with optional upgrades for additional functionality.

Zoner Anti-virus

Zoner Anti-virus seemed to be a great artist within the tests completed by and such as the other anti-virus applications pointed out here, it’s free. Like AVG, Lookout and avast! it instantly scans your device for infections if this first runs after which moves right into a real-time protection mode.

It’s also a burglar suite and consists of thievery protection that enables you to definitely remotely control and look for your device via SMS messages. Additionally, it may seem a security and can even inform you when the device continues to be stolen and also the SIM switched. You will find choices to scan the information files in your Sdcard along with a way to filter calls and messages from the user-produced blacklist.

Zoner AntiVirus

One unique feature of Zoner Anti-virus is it enables you to definitely send encoded messages for your buddies (should they have Zoner Anti-virus) installed. It will this by encrypting the content utilizing a password. Around the receiving finish, exactly the same password should be joined to decrypt the content.

Like avast!, Zoner Anti-virus is totally free. Even though it doesn’t provide a privacy consultant or secure wipe, another features such as the task manager and permission checker might be helpful.

avast! Mobile Security

avast! Mobile Security is free of charge from Google Play while offering an array of security tools including anti-virus, a privacy consultant, an internet shield -that scans each URL and alerts you if it is a known adware and spyware-infected URL- an application manager, and a lot of anti-thievery options. Included in this are a chance to take control of your phone via SMS and perform actions just like a history wipe, phone lock, and siren activation.

Like AVG and Lookout, when you initially run avast! it’ll instantly scan the present applications for just about any adware and spyware after which change to real-time protection mode. A few of the more complex options that come with avast! require device to become rooted. For instance, the firewall can’t be utilized with root access and also to install hard-totally reset proof version from the anti-thievery tool likewise requires root access.

avast! Mobile Security

Based on the Android anti-virus tests completed by, avast! Mobile Security is the greatest anti-virus software currently available for Android. There’s even the interesting point that avast! is totally free. All of the functions like privacy consultant and web shield are incorporated within the free version and that i can’t find any references to improving to some premium version anywhere!


AVG is a well-liked free anti-virus solution for Home windows and it is readily available for Android as AVG Anti-virus for Mobile phones & Pills. The fundamental version is free of charge and doesn’t require any registration. Once installed AVG instantly scans your installed applications to ascertain if you’ve adware and spyware in your device. It switches to real-time protection mode meaning any new applications are scanned straight after installation to make certain that the system is clean. Beginning AVG once instantly mode provides you with the choice to scan your computer data files (not applications) for malicious content.

AVG can be a suite of tools including an anti-virus scanner. Additionally, it features a find/locate service for any lost or stolen products (as lengthy because it has Gps navigation) and a chance to lock and wipe your device to safeguard your privacy. You will find also choices to scan texts and also to turn on a secure web surfing mode that provides real-time defense against suspicious websites.


For any once fee ($9.99) you may also upgrade AVG to incorporate the application locker – which safeguards applications having a password, the tuneup service – to optimize your device performance, as well as an application backup tool which enables applications to become backed-as much as the Sdcard.

Inside a recent test through the Department laptop or computer Science in the New York Condition College, AVG could recognize 54.7% of all of the adware and spyware samples utilized in the tests.

Lookout Security & Anti-virus

Based on the Lookout page on the google Play, 15 million customers use Lookout on their own phones and pills. Disregarding any technical particulars, that appears to become a large election of confidence in the Android users list. Like AVG, Lookout offers real-time protection which scans all recently installed applications as well as bakes an initial scan publish-installation, to make certain that you will find no nasty applications installed.

Together with the anti-virus protection, Lookout also provides a totally free “Find My Phone” service which will help choose a lost or stolen phone on the Google map (when the device has Gps navigation). It may remotely tell the unit to seem a noisy alarm, even when your phone or tablet is on quiet. Using the website you’ll be able to locate your phone from the internet browser.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

You will find also premium features (for $29.99/year or $2.99/month) for example safe browsing, remote lock & wipe, a privacy consultant and advanced backup copies.

Within the New York Condition College test, Lookout could identify 79.6% from the adware and spyware tossed in internet marketing.

Dr. Web Anti-virus Light

In the famous Russian anti-virus vendor Physician Web, Dr. Web Anti-virus Light is really a free anti-virus application with less features than AVG and Lookout, but based on Android anti-virus tests completed by, Dr. Web Anti-virus Light rated because the the second best anti-virus application for Android!

Dr. Web Anti-virus Light

Unlike AVG and Lookout, when Dr. Web is installed it won’t initially perform a computerized scan of formerly installed applications, nor will it instantly turn on real-time protection. However, when you by hand update herpes database and invite the SpIDer Guard, Dr. Web reacts similar to AVG and Lookout.

Regrettably the free version of Dr. Web doesn’t include any anti-thievery functionality or any secure wipe tools – but you will get these by purchasing the entire version for $4.99. Nevertheless the light version does include a few icons which permit the anti-virus to become enabled/disabled rapidly.


Selecting an outright champion is tough. These programs all generally offer not only anti-virus protection using the majority also giving anti-thievery functionality. When it comes to that is best at catching adware and spyware in your device, I recommend you attempt avast! after which Lookout.

If you’re searching for not only anti-virus, then avast! Provides the most features free of charge, while AVG provides the best functionality without emptying your wallet.

AVG can also be great for individuals wanting advanced anti-thievery features unlike avast! and Lookout. With AVG, a telephone could be approached through the web meaning it doesn’t must have a Sim Card in it to get SMS messages. This is particularly helpful for non 3rd generation pills.

Finally, for those who have a rooted device, then avast! is essential as it can certainly make use of the root access and add more functionality which isn’t on non-rooted products.