Top 15 Free Christmas iPhone and iPad apps


Choose from one of these 15 themed apps for your iPhone of iPad to celebrate Christmas. Put some Christmas spirit on your phone. You can be creative or play games with these free apps with a Christmas theme.

1.Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

Lets you count down the days till Santa comes down the chimney. This is a great one to stop the kids from asking how many days every day. Plays jingle bells when Santa is riding in his sleigh.

2.Christmasfy Me

Christmasfy Me

This great app allows you to decorate your photos with Christmas images. This is a great idea to send a Christmassy photo to friends.

3.Elf cam

Elf cam

This app let you take a photo in your house than add a little elf to the picture. The kids will love it.

4.Elf command

Elf command

Be an elf hard at work in Santa’s workshop trying to get the presents in the right boxes.

5.Winter snow globe

Winter snow globe

This app lets you make it snow on your iPhone or iPad. All you do is shake your device and snow falls on the screen.

6.Christmas sounds

Christmas sounds

Listen to carols and the sounds of bells on your phone. A great idea if you don’t want to buy or play records and CDs this Christmas.

7.Fuzzle Christmas

This is a great new version of your favourite game that comes with a Christmas theme. The aim is to keep the screen from filling up and clearing as many lines as you can.

8.Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

This app lets you draw up a budget for Christmas shopping with a list of presents for your friends and family.

9.Christmas advent calendar

This free app let you get a free app as your present on each day til Christmas. Lots of free stuff must be good.

10.Letters to Santa

This cool app lets the kids write a letter to Santa and Santa writes back a letter of his own.


This is another great one for the kids as they can watch the reindeers getting ready for Christmas. Maybe the only let down is a lack of background music, but this still a good one.

12.Christmas piano with free songs

A musical app that teaches you to play Christmas carols on your phone and iPad. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read music as it is easy to follow.

13.  Let’s Create! Christmas

This is a holiday version of Pottery that sees you making all of your decorations. You can save the pictures and then send to friends and family to show them how creative you are.

14.Christmas wallpapers HD

Want a free way to dress up your iPhone and iPad with some fantastic images of Christmas? This is a really nice application for this time of year.

15.Christmas tree maker

This app will let the kids choose and decorate a tree for Christmas that they can then email to friends and family. This can be fun for adults too.