Top 10 Twitter Plugins for your WordPress Site

Twitter Plugins
Twitter Plugins

A Twitter plugin is a valuable addition to any WordPress site considering the wide acceptance and usage of this social media platform. Its relaxed and conversational style appeals to a broad user base and requires the smallest degree of user commitment compared to other social media options. With WordPress Twitter plugins and widgets on your site you can perform various functions like checking your tweets, displaying Twitter updates via real time Twitter feeds. A Twitter plugin on your WordPress site will allow visitors to retweet posts from your blog, comment on your post with a tweet and much more.

Top Ten Twitter Plugins For WordPressHere are the top 10 Twitter plugins that you can incorporate into your WordPress website or blog. They serve a variety of functions and you can pick the ones that most adequately fit your requirements. Installing and using them is simple and effortless. While some are free of cost, some have a premium attached to them. It is a good idea to gather all relevant information from the developers’ website before you decide which plugin to go for.

Twitter Tools

This plugin promises to fully integrate your WordPress blog with you Twitter account. It downloads tweets from your Twitter account every 10 minutes and archives them in your blog. Also, every time you post a new entry this plugin creates a tweet on Twitter with a link back to your blog.

Twitter Badge Widget

This plugin lets you place a widget on your WordPress website and allows you to view tweets from a particular user. All you need is the Twitter screen name of any user and set the number of tweets you want to display (up to 200 in the current version).

Twitter Plugin

This is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly add a Twitter ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ button to your blog or website which you can then place at the top or the bottom of the page.

HL Twitter

Not only does this amazing plugin auto-tweet your new entries but also allows you to access tweets from multiple Twitter accounts from a widget on your sidebar. The plugin lets you view all your old tweets by permanently saving them on your blog.

Twitter Image Host

This WordPress plugin allows you to host Twitter images on your own blog or website without having to resort to third party image hosting services, thereby diverting more traffic to your WordPress site.

Twitter Widget Pro

This plugin takes charge of your Twitter feeds and automatically converts #hashtags, @username and URLs into links. The widget also allows you to view profile images.

WordPress Dashboard Twitter

This plugin brings Twitter to your dashboard. Its user-friendly interface allows you to update your status, send direct messages and follow your retweets. You can even view your favorites and your friends’ timelines.

Twitter Tracker

This sidebar widget for your WordPress site allows you to track Twitter search results or Twitter hashtags. The profile tracker lets you view tweets from a particular user in your sidebar.

Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget

This plugin gives you the option of displaying your tweets in the sidebar area as a widget, Post or Pages. It automatically refreshes the tweets to show you the latest ones. It also has a reply option available inside the widget. From settings you can select your combination of colors and widget location options.

Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget and shortcode)

This plugin animates the display of your tweets so that you view one tweet at a time instead of viewing all of them at once. The widget also allows you to display a ‘Follow’ button. There are tons of customizable options available using which you can determine how many tweets you want to display, how fast the tweets should rotate or what type of animation should feature in the widget.